Studio 39 Salon Products

S39 is a L’Oreal Professional salon (not to be confused with L’Oreal drugstore products). Though we use other products as well, this is our main hair care and styling line. This professional line has high performance products for every hair need which helps us better treat hair issues that require special care.

Loreal Professional Profiber

We have many options for hair and skin care products, and believe all salon products should be purchased from an actual salon, to maintain quality control.

The consumer beauty market online and through chain stores is saturated with “gray market products”. Gray market is a term that is used to refer to counterfeit or old and out-of-date products that have expired. If you purchase these products at unauthorized retailers, you are more than likely not getting the real product line, and the quality the line actually represents. In some cases, these gray market products can be harmful.

L’Oreal Professional Styling Products

To ensure you are buying authentic professional products, purchase from an authorized retailer of professional products. L’Oreal Professional is not sold anywhere but  partnered salons.  Studio 39’s partnership with L’Oreal Professional ensures that we receive the highest quality products, straight from their manufacturing facility. You can trust the products you get at Studio 39 Salon.