Salon Policies

Cancellation Policy

imagesCAFZ9R1QWe understand life happens. Out of respect to our stylists, please read our cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we ask for a 24-hour notice. If you are new to our salon, a deposit of half the amount of the services booked is required for your reservation. We confirm ALL appointments by phone or email. Please check your email or voicemail to the phone number you provide to our front desk. If you no-show, cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment, a deposit is charged. If you wish to reschedule, your deposit will be credited towards payment on your next appointment as long as you confirm and complete said appointment.

Children at The Salon

We strive to provide a relaxing environment for our guests. We do not perform services on children under 8 years of age to maintain our chill atmosphere. Children over 8 are welcome with close supervision. Unless your child has an appointment, we ask that you do not bring them during yours.

Product Return Policy

We stand behind our products. If you are unhappy with a skincare or hair care product, let us know. You may bring the unused portion back, and we will exchange or offer a salon product credit. We will not issue refunds on used products.

Service Adjustment

If it is your first time to the salon for a cut or color, and you want a specific look, please bring photos or pictures of what you want.  We appreciate that you may think this is insulting to us as stylists, but it is not in the least bit! In fact, it helps us determine if the red you want is the red we would choose for your skin tone. We realize that sometimes things just don’t turn out how you expect. If you want your cut shorter, more layered, more wispy, etcetera.. please call within a week to have it adjusted. We understand!  If the initial stylist who did the service is unable to get you in, another will. With color, please let us know as soon as possible. We always recommend waiting one week or two shampoos at home before calling us to tell us you want the color adjusted. If you feel as though you cannot wait that long, we will happily adjust the color one time at no charge. Beyond that, full color and service charges apply.

Hair Extension Policies

We often have clients who have had hair extensions from other salons come to us for help. If purchased your extensions from another salon, our extension hourly rate is $125 an hour versus our normal $100 an hour. This is considered extension correction work. We will try to make the extensions you purchased elsewhere work for you for as long as we are able. When you need to purchase a new set from us, your hourly will go to our normal rate. We never install extensions purchased by an individual. Please do not ask us if we will apply extensions you buy elsewhere. We only use extensions from the company we are salon-certified with. A full set of extensions start at $600. Only certain stylists perform these specialized services. Quotes are not given over the phone. Each extension order is customized for your desires. Once we order hair extensions, we cannot return them. If you choose to cancel an extension install after you have had a consultation or if you have paid a deposit on the extensions, please know that both the $50 consultation fee and the deposit for the hair extension are non-refundable.

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