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Master Hair Stylist and Colorist

The terms master hair stylist and colorist are used often, but few people know their original meaning. Our industry has become so large that the history has been forgotten. Vidal Sassoon was the first “influencer” who was an iconic master hair stylist. He owned high end salons around the world and believed the foundation of all hair style is achieved through a haircut, so haircutting should be prioritized. We agree. You can’t blend extensions, compliment color, or keep hair healthy, without good cutting skills.

Master Hair Stylists Mentor

Beauty schools focus on teaching services so graduates pass a decades old State Board test to get licensed.  Once graduates are in a salon, they will not do many of the services they learned in school for the test because they are outdated. Since our industry is trend driven, cosmetology schools encourage graduates to seek a salon with a mentor program, but few salons offer them. Running a hair salon comes has high overhead and expenses and salon owners are busy. Very few owners want to invest the extra time and work, plus the added costs, that are necessary for a mentor program.

As a result hair skills have decreased over time. A prime example is if you have left a salon thinking it was a “good” visit because you didn’t hate your hair. Titles like master hair stylist or colorist describe skill but they have probably left you more confused, which is why they’ve lost meaning. 

 Mentors Versus Influencers

Before social media, booth rental, and chain salons, stylists developed skill from salon mentors but too much online content has de-valued our industry. A good stylist can make a customer satisfied, but master stylists are educated in biology, anatomy and chemistry. Studio 39 owner was mentored by such a stylist and that mentoring  is done here to cultivate skill early. You can see how our communication & salon skills differ because they were learned from a real master hair stylist and colorist.

“Only one who devotes all to a cause with their whole soul and strength can be a true master.”

Albert Einstein

Physicist and Super Genius

  • Salon Associate: Assists master hair stylists & available for light services like color refresh & blow dry styles.
  • Associate Hair Stylists:  Completed associate program and is available for our classic services.
  • Advanced Hair Stylists: 3+ years here & completed all advanced cut & colorist training.
  • Senior Hair Stylists: 3-4 years here with multiple specialty skills, a salon Mentor and part of leadership team.
  • Master Stylists:  5+ years here mastering multiple focus skills and core mentor leadership.

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