2010 marked a very busy year for our salon. We started with a move from our old location from 39th St., to our new home in the art’s area, which we LOVE. Our new home has been very inspiring and our busy books and happy staff reflect all the wonderful blessings we experienced in 2010 and the new year shows no signs of slowing.

We were thrilled to participate in an event last Sunday called Creative Infusion. When first approched to participate in this event, my first response was ” Of course. How many stylists do you need?”  Which in the last few years with all the hectic day to day activities as a stylist & owner, has become my usual response to outside salon events. I feel lucky to have an amazing team of stylists who I know will represent the salon at any event in a professional manner. But the reply from the other owner I was having the conversation with said” Well actually this is a special event showcasing the work of owners.”  She told me about the group and the goal of bringing local salons together. She and I discussed how in this world of mega chain beauty wharehouse salons,  the stylist/ salon owners of days gone by, are becoming more rare. Its a sad but true fact in our industry. It’s even more sad to me, for the the young stylists in those salons, because there is not really a senior or master stylist setting a standard for them to follow. The salon industry , like many others, has been affected in a negative way, by ” BIG CORP” as I call the corporate takeover epidemic in this country.

She and I further discussed how as salon owners we often are the  salon managers, receptionists, PR person, book keeper, business manager, educators, as well as trying to support our staff , all the while servicing our clientele as graciously as possible. Doing all these things while balancing our home life can be quite tricky.

It made me reflect on the last eleven  years as a stylist and salon owner. What a ride! When I was a young stylist at Mario Tricoci’s, I worked with a group of amazing stylists. We did alot of fashion shows ,photo shoots, and location work for athletes and dignitaries. I’ll never forget when I was 22 I went to what was then the Ritz ( the hotel has changed names so many times now , the name escapes me) to do our former First Lady’s hair, Barbara Bush. My Dad FINALLY believed beauty school was worth it after all! Later when, I opened the salon I did these things to brand my own salon. As the years went by and I became more specialised with blonde color work, I became  busier, and I stopped leaving the salon for events. For awhile, I stopped taking new clients, and stopped doing wedding parties period, so I could handle my clientele. Of course being busy  is a blessing.. but  participating in this event made me feel “born again” in our industry. It made me dig deep for artistic inspiration,  and it made me remember why I first fell in love with the profession. I’ve  always loved it, like a long term relationship, it turns into a ‘”comfy” love, but this made it new again.

This experience took me out of my usual bubble. I love my salon, I could be there all the time. Sometimes, it feels like I slip through the rabbit hole and time just goes so fast while Im there. But this reminded me that there alot of quality, inspired, salon owners who feel the same way. Men & Women who shut off auto pilot & take time to do things just for fun! To “play” in our work , and rememeber why we are truly STYLISTS.

Hats off to an an amazing group of salons with  class- act salon owners , Marty & Revue, Jen & Last Tangle, James & Pinkie Couture, Roshanna & Salon Ambience ,Shannon @ Shannons Place and Rocketbox Photography & The makeup artists. A privelege to work with you and to bring our salons together. I love that you choose to be colleagues instead of competitors.

Every year, we all make New Years resolutions. Along with my usual, work out more & eat more salad :/ , Im adding another that I highly reccomend, Inspire yourself! Go outside your space and meet other positive people who inspire you.  Think outside the box.. so cliche, I know. But think about it , the older you get, our day to day routine and tasks ahead can be “the box”. Just taking time to do something challenging and outside your daily scope will keep your brain fresh and your soul soothed.