Hello everyone!
I just sent out our monthly newsletter announcing the exciting news of our second location! Many of you know I’ve been looking for the perfect place to open a Studio 39 Salon in the Eastern Jackson County area for awhile. I’ve found it! 😊 Part what makes Studio 39 special is the passion the stylists share with me for giving expert service to our amazing salon clientele. Because we have a unique work style, the salon functions better if I allow time to be available to the salon floor. We have a saying at S39, “don’t leave someone behind.” Basically this means we all share in each others success. We have a “push pull” philosophy. This means our junior stylists help “push” our senior stylists along to advance their career by assisting , while the senior stylists help “pull” them up to their level with help in training as we work on the floor. To cover all aspects of salon life, I have created a fixed schedule for myself. Generally speaking Tuesday will be a day for my Downtown clientele and Thursday will be in Lee’s Summit. I will work 2 Fridays in a row at each salon. These will be days I use to do consultations and new color work. I will also be at each location one Saturday a month for my existing “Saturday” clients. Some of the staff like Morgan, Megan, and Brielee, will also float both locations. I have also hired stylists who will be dedicated to our new Lakewood Les’s Summit salon AND a few for downtown. Yep, I’ll be busy training, managing both salons and doing hair. It’s all good, I got this. 😅

I’ve contacted some of you to set up standing appointments. If you would like to set this up please let us know. The next few months I’ll be busy with the final construction and getting the new salon ready for our April. opening. Growth can be exciting yet tricky, but we’ll have a good routine by summer. I’ll be posting my Lakewood schedule soon. As we near opening we’ll post the stylists schedules as well! We will have books open for Lakewood in a week or so. I think we’ll be VERY busy based on the level of inquiries and feedback so recommend pre-booking! Thank you for your patience and support during this exciting new chapter. 🐝 ❤️