Hair extensions are in demand because gorgeous hair is in demand. Hair extensions now surpass haircuts and hair color as the most sought after service in a hair salon. As a client in the market for extensions, you may feel a little overwhelmed. First of all, you may not be aware that there are several suppliers that provide hair to salons all over the U.S. These providers are supposed to use “real human hair” for their hair extensions. Unless a salon or salon owner is an expert in hair extensions, they may not have properly assessed how the extensions will “perform” once installed for a client. How do they wash and dry? Do they keep their color? Is the quality consistent? Is it consistent over time? Many of the suppliers salons use are out of the country, which makes messaging and questions nearly impossible. How do you control the quality when you don’t really know what to look for?

Pistol Hair Extensions

As a salon owner and a diligent student of industry trends, and often times head of them, Gemy Vison, the owner of Studio 39 Salon, now uses Pistol Hair Extensions, for all her clip in and extension clients. She has also developed her own unique techniques, which are safer for hair and a much better alternative to traditional methods of installing extensions. Not only does Gemy use this premium line of hair extension products but she also teaches, along with her associate Tiffany, a two day class on these techniques to other licensed salon professionals.

Why Gemy uses Pistol Hair Extensions

If you have followed Gemy as a client, or considered her a mentor through her social media channels and blog posts, you know that licensing, training and education are not only her passions for her own salon and her stylists but the basis for her relationships with her clients as well. It only makes sense that she would find a kinship with a brand like Pistol. Pistol is about education and training. A client can order the clip in extensions directly from the Pistol website but a stylist must go through their 2 day certification to order theirs. The 2 day class also teaches licensed stylists many different techniques to customize the application to individual clients. Being a licensed stylist and trained by Pistol also is a plus to the student. Clients who want to have extensions done by a stylist who has been expertly trained by Pistol can find a list of students who completed their certification on their website. The confusion for a client as to who knows what about extensions and how well were they trained, is no longer a mystery for them. Nor is the quality of hair they are purchasing from their stylist! Most industry certifications take place in one day, sometimes in a matter of hours. The Pistol Certification is a two day intensive designed to equip licensed stylists with information designed to help them cater to their customers and build their business as well.

The hair extension market can be overwhelming and misleading to both clients and stylists. Pistol takes the mystery out of extensions and puts stylists and clients back in the saddle, where they belong. You will get the gorgeous hair you want and your stylist will have the expert training in techniques that he/she needs to give your extensions that will look amazing!