You shopped till you dropped. Maybe you bought it online. You know that you have the one-of-a-kind, no-one-else-at-this-prom-has-it, fits-you-like-a-glove prom dress. It’s hanging in the bedroom. You look at it every day. You know it’s the one for you. Now, for the most important part of the dress, your hair and make-up. Trying to decide what way to go with your hair and makeup can make or break , not only the look of the dress, but your “fun factor” for Prom night! It has to be a style that fits you, fits the dress and doesn’t take away from either one. You have to be able to dance in it (the dress and the hair) and not have to worry about having to re-spray your hair (that can won’t fit in your prom clutch) after every song you let loose on. What’s a girl to do?

Hair and Make-Up by Studio 39 Salon

Let the hair and make-up professionals at Studio 39 Salon create a hairstyle and do your make-up for you! Long hair or short hair, they will take your dress (bring it with you!) and your style into consideration and come up with the perfect hair style and make-up for your special Prom. Want loose curls, a dramatic updo, fishtail or waterfall braids? The hairstyle experts will make you look amazing and your date will not know what hit him!  Do you have a hair accessory that would be perfect? Bring it along! Studio 39 Salon will incorporate any ornate hair band, barrette, comb or bejeweled bobby pin into the style! Be creative, stand out and have fun!

Best of all, Studio 39 Salon is offering a Prom/Graduation Special in April and May. Get your hair and make-up done for your special event, including eye lashes for only $117!

Don’t be fooled by the cosmetic store make-up sales people. They are not licensed make-up artists and do not know or follow the guidelines for applying make-up in a sterile and bacteria free environment. Your make-up application may be free at MAC but getting pink eye, a staph infection or even herpes, will cost you!

You want your memento of your prom to be a dried wrist corsage or the photos your parents take, not a trip to the emergency room due to the unsafe cosmetic counter application of your makeup!

Let the experts at Studio 39 Salon take care of your hair and make-up needs on Prom or graduation. There isn’t that many times in a young woman’s life when she wants to look and feel like a princess. Well, maybe there are! But each and every one of them can be made more special when the hair and make-up experts at Studio 39 Salon are involved in getting you ready for your prom and graduation! Make your appointment today at (816) 756-1187 for the $117 Prom hair and make-up special today!