Our Team

Commitment to Quality

The Studio 39 Brand strives to set a standard in Kansas City. Part of our Best practice is Due Diligence which means we are transparent in providing you educated options on price and service. We are proud to have recognized talent. Each stylist has individualized skills, but collectively we work as a salon team. It’s not uncommon to have 2 people by you side here. When you see a “specialist” that is a service the stylist excels in.

Salon Master Stylists and Colorists

The history of our industry has many factors, but a key figure in shaping salons like ours was a stylist named Vidal Sassoon. He was an iconic leader who owned high end salons around the world and he believed the foundation of all hair style is achieved through a haircut. We also believe this because you can’t blend extensions, compliment color, or keep hair healthy without cutting.

Beauty schools focus on basics to pass a State Board test which was created decades ago. To become a licensed stylist you are tested on services that most salons no longer offer, yet our industry is trend driven. This is why beauty schools recommend new graduates seek a salon that has a mentor program. Sadly, in salon training requires time and resources most salons don’t have. Many have left a salon with a bad cut. Or have left thinking it was a good visit because they don’t “hate” their hair. That’s because salon service quality has slowly decreased over time, especially in cutting.

Master Stylists are Mentored By other Master Stylists

Before social media, booth rental, and chain salons, there was a salon system created to help stylists grow through mentoring. A haircuts is still the number one service booked and if a stylist is good, they understand anatomy and head shape. Studio 39 Salon owner was a stylist who was mentored by a salon owner who was a leader in the salon world. So we continue this practice here because it creates talented stylists early in their career. We may be known for color, but cutting is our foundation. By mentoring our stylists we cultivate skill and our team has an edge over other salons. Very few salons still do this, and even less are still owned and trained by a real Master Stylist.

 Levels below describe where a stylist is in their career here, by our standards. 

“Only one who devotes all to a cause with their whole soul and strength can be a true master.”

Albert Einstein

Physicist and Super Genius

  • Lumi:  An entry level stylist available for Lumiere services.
  • Associate: Stylists within their first 2 years here.
  • Advanced: Someone with 2+ years and has completed S39 training basics with a salon specialty services.
  • Senior or Master: Most of our stylists have only worked here but if we hire a stylist and they have experience or title from another salon, we honor that. They may not do specialty services like advanced color or extensions.
  • Salon Senior:  One of our stylists with 4+ years here with multiple specialty skills and is on Salon Mentor or Leadership Team.
  • Salon Master:  Spent career here with minimum of 5+ years and has mastered multiple focus skills and part of core Leadership.

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