Hair and Makeup- $130

After picking the dress, the next important thing to do is book your hair and makeup. Trying to decide what to do with your hair and makeup can make or break the dress..and Prom night! It has to be a style that fits you, fits the dress and doesn’t take away from either one. You have to be able to dance in the dress and the hair, and not worry about the style lasting. Nobody wants to pack a hairspray in a tiny evening bag. Pass.

Studio 39 Prom Hair and Makeup

Let Brielee take care of your hair and makeup. She knows what it’s like to be in Prom Court and win Queen! Event hair and makeup is her specialty. You can incorporate a hair band, barrette, comb or jeweled bobby pin into the style. Be creative, stand out and have fun! Don’t be fooled by the cosmetic store sales people. Most are not real cosmetologists. Makeup is a regulated service by State Board. If you’re paying, it should in a licensed salon or by a cosmetologist or esthetician. These people are usually in salons and not stores. Get your hair and makeup done by a professional with Queen experience.😚

Makeup application should follow the guidelines for a sterile and bacteria free environment. Spring formal season is almost here. Your event can be more special when hair and makeup is on point! Don’t forget to get skin in good shape before your event with Bridget!

Make your appointment today at (816) 756-1187 or book online for the PROM Special of $130 for BOTH hair and make-up!