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Salon Associate Open Application

Salon associate applications are always welcome. This position is ideal for someone who is graduated, or soon graduating, cosmetology school. Salon associates assist stylists while receiving training and education in our program. This makes for a more successful transition from school to a real life salon environment.

S39 Culture

Salon owner Gemy Chiarizio is a Master Stylist & Colorist who has built a top salon team in Kansas City. Every S39 stylist started as a salon associate, so they help in training as well. We know firsthand assisting successful stylists helps you become one yourself.

Salon Home to the Best of KC

Our experience helps stylists develop confidence, skill, and professionalism required for high end services, but Studio 39 stylists have been here for many years because of the positive work environment. Leadership without ego is key to create a work place for professional growth. This is why many stylists chose S39 as their salon home.❣️

Before I became a successful stylist, I assisted one.

Salon Associate Program

Statistics show salon associate programs help stylists have longer and more successful careers. Few salons offer education based jobs as it is time consuming and costly. Veteran stylists are busy, and newer stylists need the support of experienced mentors. Studio 39 Salon has been doing this type of advanced training for 20 years.

There is a saying in our industry that graduating cosmetology means you have a license to learn. You must have a high school diploma for college. Cosmetology schools are like the high schools in our industry, and associate programs are like salon college for a stylist to become a skilled stylist quickly. 

 Salon Associates Become Master Stylists 

Quality education is rare in our industry, and many try to profit from the lack of reputable advanced education available. Few graduates can afford to pay for more training after school, but a salon associate gains on the job training with free advanced education.  Researching before applying for your first salon job is important if you are looking for an established salon. Good salon associate applicants example these qualities.

  • Excellent work ethic. 
  • Loves our profession. 
  • Licensed or at least a recent graduate. 
  • Positive attitude & a team player.
  • Willing to follow guidance and direction.
  • Has good social skills and communication. 
  • Wants to support and learn from experienced stylists & colorists behind the chair.

Salon Associate & Stylist Wanted For Downtown

Our Crossroads Kansas City Salon is now looking for a salon associate and a stylist. Apply below!

 Applying for a stylist job?

If you would like to apply as a stylist versus associate, a minimum of 2 years of previous behind the chair experience in a salon is necessary to be placed as an advanced stylist. One year of experience is required for an associate stylist. Good references help as well. An accelerated salon associate training program to become familiar with services, product lines and salon protocols is available.

For stylists looking for a new salon home, this a great option to do services while also receiving salon training, but compromising skill and professionalism would compromise the consistency our guests expect. We’d rather have new guests book in further in advance over putting someone unprepared on the floor, but currently the downtown demand is very high! Currently we’re seeking a stylist versed in traditional haircutting and hair color, who fits the salon associate criteria above, along with these resume skills:

  • Does classic salon services.
  • Proficient in men’s & women haircutting
  • Color experience with gray coverage and base refresh.
  • All over color formulating.
  • Foil highlighting.
  • Willing to do perms (they’re back!)
  • Open and flexible to learn new services and product lines.
  • Works well with others and a good team player.


Reading our site and Beauty Buzz posts will help get a feel of what Studio 39 represents!

Career Stylist Realities and Statistics

 Long term success in our industry is low. Less than 8% of cosmetology grads work as hair stylists 5 years after graduating. That number is generous as it includes booth renters and part time salon stylists, or those working from home. Stylists who own job creating salons make up less than 1% of our industry. Some stylists looking to exit the chair become online “influencers” and charge thousands for training.

Choosing the right salon will help avoid pitfalls of social media based education or becoming a statistic. The best salon training will always be in salon classes, and getting paid while gaining on the job experience. We invest in our team, so you never have to pay for education.

Studio 39 Salon of Lee's Summit

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Online Application

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Salon Associates and Stylists

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