Salon Policies

The importance of a great working relationship.

Good service and great hair is our goal. There are many different types of salons. Long established experience is why we cover the various situations or questions you may have below. We are looking for the type of visitor that wants to establish a positive working relationship to meet your style needs. Quality service and communication is our first priority to our salon guests.

Appointment Changes & Communication   

We understand life happens, but we confirm ALL appointments by phone, text, or email. Please double check your email or voicemail upon check in at the front desk. We try to remember to do this but sometimes if the salon is busy, we forget. Providing available communication is essential since the pandemic.  

Salon Policy & Payment Details 

  • We are not currently double booking, and we need extra time for cleaning protocols due to COVID-19. We must be clear about scheduling and our policies since we have high demand and book further in advance. The pandemic has changed customer service a great deal and we manage our time far more carefully now. 
  • Good salon decorum helps create a good environment. Please leave politics, foul language, and stress at the door. Customer service has changed since Covid-19, and we ask for kindness and patience to staff and other salon guests.  
  • We do not accept gratuity on credit cards. Gratuity envelopes are available at our front desks for cash tips. There is an ATM in our KC location (banking fees may apply), or you may use Venmo at either location. 
  • If you are a new salon guest for color services, please schedule a consultation first. 
  • We have a no show- no call policy. Whether you are new or existing salon guest, failure to give a 24-hour notification cancellation may result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of service booked.  
  • Depending on the situation, this fee may be applied as credit to a future service but always ask for consideration of our time. 
  • We do not refund services. We provide all information about color process and costs here and prior to service in the consultation.  
  • Color is a process, and we say that often. We feel effective communication is key so there are no surprises on cost or expectation later which is we do not refund.  
  • Let us know if you are unhappy before airing grievances online let us know. Our owner known for good customer service and finding resolutions, but we must know about your visit to make things right. However, there are times a person is certain they want a particular look, then request a refund or another color service free of charge if they do not like it. We can make small modifications in a color adjustment, but we will not refund or book a whole new color service at zero cost.  
  • We can address your cut or color concerns through a service adjustment within two weeks of service if your hair as not been altered with at home color or another salon. This is a standard here for good customer service; however, we ask that this is not abused or approached illogically. 
  • To schedule after a consultation, viable card must be on file. Since COVID we require a card on file for all guests who receive services other than haircuts. 
  • If canceling after a consultation. The deposit is applied to your first color or cut visit. If no service is booked, fee is nonrefundable. 
  • For Lee’s Summit new color guests: currently, we are offering complimentary 15-minute color consultations. If you schedule a free consult and no show, you will need to pay the $25 fee in advance like our Downtown location to schedule a future consultation at either salon. 
  • Transaction fee of 3% on transactions over $50 when using a credit or debit card is applied in most cases. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

We Practice Due Diligence

In the world of business, the definition of Due Diligence means “a measure of responsibility that is reasonable and expected to evaluate risk or benefit.Our promise is to give full effort for a positive and enjoyable experience. Studio 39 Salon owner is a master stylist, but also a business woman. Part of our professional philosophy is to give transparency.

We provide information up front so there are no surprises later. We want a guests who desires a mutual working relationship for best service so we offer full disclosure on how and why we do things. We ask you to do your part by reading the available information. If you are aware of how we do things, we spend less business resource explaining it later. However, if you have any questions, just ask! When a new salon guest takes the time to read our policies in advance, it allows us to spend our time focusing on what’s important, YOU.

This is our policy page, but we ask that you please read our book online page for more payment detail. There you will find detailed information on service deposits, booking process, and payment information.

 Online Booking Details 

  • Currently online services include consultations and cuts only. 
  •  Please note if an online appointment is canceled you may see two duplicate charges. One is the preauthorization of your card, and the other is the deposit amount.  
  • These are not charges and will be released by the end of your bank’s business day which is usually within 24-48 hours (about 2 days) from when you made the appointment online. 
  •  If the appointment is canceled in less than 2 days, our cancellation policy applies.  
  •  We never issue refunds for salon services or hair extensions. When you reserve an appointment online it is reserving a stylist’s time which is how he or she earns income, and we value our time. If you are unsure about what to book, whether you can make the appointment or are a new salon guest, please notify the desk or book a consultation prior to color or chemical services. We ask that refunds are not requested via email as we state policies here in an effort for transparency. 


No Show Deposit 

If you no-show, cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment, a deposit is charged. If you wish to reschedule, your deposit will be credited towards payment on your next appointment at time of completion of said appointment. For regular gusts we usually allow one visit if there is an emergency, for new guests we charge 50% until a good relationship is established.

If you are using another parties card for payment, we will call the name of the card if it is differ4ent than yours to ensure authorization of use. If a parent is paying for a service, we will need to speak with the parent first and ensure they have read the policies here, as that card will be retained if you want to schedule future services. 

Children at The Salon (Downtown) 

We strive to provide a relaxing environment for our guests. We do not perform services on children under 8 years of age. Children over 8 are welcome with close supervision but unless your child has an appointment, we ask that you do not bring them during yours. Lakewood offers family salon services and welcomes kids with close supervision.  

Product Return Policy 

We stand behind our products. Sometimes product recommendations take some trial and error. You should know soon whether a product is for you or not. If you are unhappy with a product, let us know. If the product is mostly unused, you may bring the remaining portion back within 14 days (about 2 weeks). We will exchange or offer a salon product credit. We will not issue refunds on products. 

Service Adjustment 

If it is your first time to the salon for a cut or color, and you want a specific look, please bring photos or pictures of what you want. We appreciate visual ideas but try to bring in realistic images like your type of hair. Keep in mind most of what you see online is photo shopped.  

We are looking for salon guests who want a good mutual relationship but understand sometimes things just do not turn out how you expect. That is why we put everything there is to know on our color pages here. Please take the time to read the information on this site. If you have a question, just ask! We are here to help achieve your hair goals. 

If you want your cut shorter, more layered, more wispy, etcetera. please call within a week to have it adjusted. We understand! If the initial stylist who did the service is unable to get you in, another will. With color, please let us know as soon as possible. We always recommend waiting one week (or two shampoos at home) before calling us to tell us you want the color adjusted. Color is a “process” as we state frequently, especially if you have not had your hair done professionally regularly, or if you are changing your color. Therefore, we create a color plan that includes when you should pre-schedule. We suggest pre-booking in advance for your next appointment at check out as we cannot ensure a future appointment in the recommended time. Most of our stylist’s book 4-6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) in advance.  

 Hair Extension Policies 

We often have clients with hair extensions from other salons come to us for help. Our extension hourly rate is $$100-125 an hour. If there are problems with the work done elsewhere, it is considered extension correction work. We will try to make the extensions you purchased elsewhere work for you. When you need to purchase new extensions, we require extension clientele to purchase from us. We know and trust our extension suppliers. We do not feel comfortable working with hair brands we are unfamiliar with, especially lines that are not salon exclusive. We will never install extensions purchased by an individual from public hair stores. The quality of the hair is often much lower, and often not 100% human hair. We do not want blame for issues we know arise from hair of inferior quality.  

We only use extensions from the companies we are salon-certified with, and suppliers we have a long-standing relationship with. A full set of extensions start at $950. Only certain stylists perform extension services. Quotes are not given over the phone. Hair must be chin length or longer. We may call you for more information prior to a consultation. 

 Hair extensions are an involved service. Be available to communicate. Sometimes there are details for ordering we may need to call you about because each extension order is customized for you. Inventory changes and slower shipping is a new post covid reality. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control.  

If you choose to cancel an extension install after you have had a consultation and have paid a deposit on the hair, please know that both the $50 consultation fee and hair deposit are non-refundable. 


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