Hair Extensions

Choose experience for professional hair extensions.

Studio 39 Salon is Kansas City’s premier salon for professional hair extensions. We offer multiple options in hair and techniques and different stylists that do extensions. Experience is necessary for professional hair extensions so that should be the main thing to look for. We have 15+ years of certification and experience and can help choose the system for your hair and lifestyle. Salon certification is when the salon itself holds certification for it’s stylists, versus the individual stylists. Salon certification is when owners the owner is master hair extension stylist and has the experience and knowledge to train and maintain brand quality in their salons. 




NBR, techniques and types of hair.

Babe Hair Extensions, Hairlocs and Platinum Seamless are just a few of the professional hair extension companies we have salon certification with. Additionally, we have distribution with reputable Remy hair suppliers that are ethically responsible. These two factors are why we get the highest quality hair reserved for professional use not offered to the public.

There are several types of hair extension systems to meet the needs of all hair types and we offer the techniques we feel meet the needs of guests. 

  • Tape hair extensions are popular for ease of wear and are great if you are new to professional hair extensions.
  • Fine hair tape method is a special technique made popular by our owner for fine hair guests seeking the comfort and flexibility of tape in methods. 
  • I-Tip Single strand micro-link extensions are one of our most popular methods and one of the first methods we were certified for. Great for linear movement and great for fine hair. 
  • Cold fusion compression means no heat is used so its  less damaging to hair. 
  • Natural beaded rows or NBR are the newest and most popular type of methods. This is wear a machine or hand tied weft (HTW)  is sewn in beaded rows of hair.

Every set of hair extensions is customized for each client; however, this is a cosmetic service that requires close attention and at home care. We recommend you buy the brush and all required care products. Please do not think you can spend money on extensions and use drug-store shampoo. That is not realistic. We do not refund on hair extensions or the labor required to maintain this service.

Extensions shouldn’t cause damage.

Many conventional heat fusion extensions can damage your hair, and cheap or low quality hair extensions could even ruin your hair. Not all hair extension brands and methods are created equal, so if you do your research and choose to invest in professional hair extensions, your hair should be protected.

Studio 39 Salon Extensions

pink hair

Studio 39 Salon Extensions

braid for wedding

We use hair from select suppliers.

When professional hair extensions peaked we started pre-checking hair under a microscope. Literally!  If you move to the area with professional hair extensions and are looking for a new salon to maintain them, we have you covered. But if you buy them elsewhere and want us to install them for you we will ask you to sign a waiver so we are not responsible for the quality of the hair or any damage they may cause. Low quality hair can cause firstion and matting, we don’t want that for your hair but we also realize there are many options. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly with hair extensions. Like all advanced salon services, we take it seriously. Keeping your hair healthy is our priority so you can love your professional hair extensions!

Studio 39 Salon Extensions

Megan and Gabe

Remy and professional hair extensions.

We are frequently asked if we use Remy hair. The answer is yes. All salons should use Remy hair. It’s an industry term that’s become overused. Sometimes it’s used to indicate quality but the real meaning is the hair the extensions are made of consists of full cuticle strands where the cuticle lies flat and is going the same direction. When hair is chemically treated or uncared for, the exterior part of a hair strand (the cuticle) can be open and go different directions. This makes the hair dry and less silky. 

Hair extension demand has exploded in the last 10 years. Discerning real quality hair over cosmetically enhanced takes experience in knowing what to look for. Just like glaze or conditioning treatments that temporarily close damaged hair cuticles to “appear” healthier cosmetically, hair companies can do the same. Some less reputable hair companies do this so you have to be careful because the hair trade industry is an international and unregulated industry. Hair goes through many hands before ending up in a salon so we purchase from two main production facilities that we have a long term relationship with.

Choose professional hair extensions over DIY.

Hair extensions are an excellent way to add color, length or body to your natural hair. Studio 39 Salon and all of our certified salon hair extension stylists will expertly answer all of your questions and choose the system best for you. S39 is Kansas City’s most experienced extension salon. Call us for your consultation to have the long, thick, gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted.


How to book.

A consultation is the first step. There is a $50 charge which is applied to the hair if you decide to get professional hair extensions.  Maintenance, products and custom matching the hair color can take up to 45 minutes. Smaller areas (like doing the sides only) to help grow out an awkward length can be as low as $200, but a full set of full set of premium 22-inch blonde extensions can be as much as $1,800. Each individual has different hair types and there are too many options and technique variables, so we don’t quote prices or ball park by phone. But if you want a full set, expect to spend a minimum of $900. A deposit is required for half the cost of hair and the remaining portion is paid on install day, along with the stylists hourly extension rate.

Hair Extension Stylists

  • Brie does all methods but if you’re looking for NBR specifically book with her. 
  • Taylen specializes in various techniques of tape extensions including mini or micro tapes for fine hair. 
  • Emily does tape and single strand micro lock hair extensions. 

Deposits and consultation fees are non-refundable. We only use the highest quality human hair and, when properly maintained (individual results vary), it can last up to a year. The photo above Megan is wearing 22 in Babe tape extensions

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