The last quarter of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 mark an exciting time for Studio 39 Salon and our clients. We are thrilled to announce that we will be moving to a new location in the Crossroads. We will be leaving our 900 square-foot studio for a 3500 square foot, state-of-the-art salon, spa, and beauty store.

Our New Location

Our new location will feature a 14 chair salon for our ever-growing team of hand-selected stylists. We will also have full day spa with a relaxing and stylish lounge for bridal or girls night out parties. Our spa will also include select men’s services like scalp therapy and refreshing facials. We will be expanding our makeup department for our special events services. Make up and skincare sets will be straightforward, easy to use and bundled according to your particular needs. We will continue to offer Eufora as our preferred shampoo line. In addition we will continue with Enjoy, HBL, Dermorganic, Artego, and Alpha Parf Milano. We already use the Mirabella makeup line, but it will be the star line of our makeup department. This line is an all-natural mineral and paraben -free professional cosmetic line which is youthful and fashion inspired. We will also be adding a spa line called Bubalina. This body care line has a full range of moisturizers, sugar scrubs, and body washes. I addition to our new location which will boast an art gallery inspired salon, one of the most exciting things to come will be our S39 Image Consulting service.

So many times, when we a complete makeover for a client, we are asked to give overall style advice. This consulting service will allow us the opportunity to provide this for our clientele by offering an easy to follow plan. Our style seekers will be paired with their style creators to achieve a personalized, individual overall look. This image consulting service will be included in our overall concierge service that will be offered to Studio 39 clientele. This means if you are a regular client at Studio 39, you will receive this service at a discounted rate. There will be other bonuses as well for members of our concierge service. Members will receive retail discounts, preferred appointment times, and on-location services without extra fees. These extra touches will be perks to the “S39 Concierge” client. Our S39 Concierge program will have three reward tiers. Much like our tiers for our Stylists we will have 3 levels of our rewards program. For example, a gentleman who typically books an appointment for a haircut every 4-6 weeks, will be offered a rewards program geared towards Men’s shampoo and Men’s haircuts. Services and products clients actually use. Concierge clients will be offered a membership based upon their past spending activity in the Studio 39 Salon.

Furthermore, you will be able to increase your S39 Concierge Tier level by paying for your packaged services in advance. Our intent is to reward our loyal clients for services they have been using, like getting a cut and color and or purchasing products from us. S39 Concierge Clients will receive special extra bonuses added into their salon experience! Could you use a personal shopper? The S39 Concierge client will benefit from a relationship with citywide businesses. All Concierge Client will have a S39 Concierge card. When offered to these businesses like clothing boutiques, yoga and work out studios, and home cleaning services, the Studio 39 Concierge client will receive a discount. Our Tier III concierge clients will experience an extraordinary level of VIP service. Do you have a special event coming up? Come in for your facial, blow dry and makeup and we will pick up your dry cleaning. Have your dress already? Bring your outfit with you and we will steam it for you and you can simply leave from the salon fully ready.

In today’s world,  we believe many businesses lack personal touch. It is rare and hard-to-find these days. We believe that we have that personal touch and it is our goal to expand our customer service commitment to not just our client’s beauty needs but also for other aspects of their life. This is what our new S39 Concierge Service will enable us to do for our clientele. So stay tuned for all the wonderful things unfolding and the next couple of months!

A move to a larger location and added services would not be possible without the support and encouragement of our loyal customers. Our new location will deliver the same outstanding attention to detail, the same level of professionalism and talent for hair services and our dedication to a choosing products that are good for your skin and hair.