We noticed that when things turned south in the finance world, people started booking less nail services.  We certainly understand that when tightening up the belt, you have to cut some luxuries here and there. The thing that I dont think most people realise is that a good old fashioned manicure is the best & most econimical salon service across the board.. why? Well how many times a week do you shake someones hand?  Even if you do have the time( and who really does?), do you think you might save money by doing your nails at home? Think again. The average polish costs 7$, not to mention the files,buffers, base polishes, finish coats and other things that are necessary for a good at home manicure. A regular salon mani is 25$. So do the math… Besides, did you know that you’re supposed to throw out used nail polishes after a 1 year? They can harbor bacteria just like other cosmetics. I recently cleaned out my home mani kit and found polishes  thatI’d had since Kurt Cobain still reigned the charts.

Another thing that surprises me is how few men, busines or otherwise, receive manicures. Hello-It is called a MANicure. There is no shame in taking care of your hands.  Men shake hands 8 times more often than women. I grew up in the country with blue- collar ,good ole’ boys, so I have alot of respect for men who work with their hands. I do not mind shaking a man’s hand who has a lil car grease on it. I do mind , when the bloody, dried hangnail scratches me though. Trust me, if you work with building materials like paint, plaster and drywall, you will appreciate this service more than anyone. My Dad is a workin man and once in awhile I will get my supplies out and work his cuticles over. He says it “refreshes his paws”.

How many times have you ladies decided to do your nails after the kids are asleep, end up working on your nails for an hour, fan, dry, fan.. just wake up with sheet marks of your nails. Arrrgh! What a waste of time!  We can all pull our hair back , throw on some lip gloss & shades and be decent to do some errands… but you cant really do that with your nails. A manicure gives you a full 45 minutes of pampering without the hassle of doing it yourself. Plus nail polish has come a LONG way.  Our regular polish line SpaRitual, is a vegan & chemical free line that is made to adhere to natural nails better than most professional polishes. Keep in mind most pro polishes are often designed with the ” fake” nail customer in mind. We don’t do acrylic nails. They are a tiny bit dated,  unless your going for the Jersey Shore look. Plus acrylic attached to my body..? No thanks. With services like Shellac they really are becoming things of the past anyways . Shellac is a product that is toulene, DPA, and formaldehyde ( the bad 3 in polishes) free. It goes on like a polish and is set with a special light. It then hardens on your nail ,making your natural nail grow out strong, and your manicure lasting up to a month.  No chipping, no breaking .Instant drying too, so if you have to jet after getting your nails done, no biggie. You wont ever have to walk apologetically back into the salon with a big smudge on your nail. We’re offering this awesome polish upgrade for free until New Years. Everyone’s nails, skin and hair are dry this time of year. Dont neglect your hands! You use them to greet friends, love your children and do your work… dont they deserve a lil TLC this Holiday Season?  Treat yourself, your man ,or your friends with the best salon service for your dollar.

FYI If you would like to purchase a gift certificate this holiday season for a manicure, we will attach the Shellac up-grade for free! Can you find a better 25$ gift, I think not..

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