Courtesy disclaimer: If you gross out easily, this is a post about clinical skincare facts with images as examples. clinical skincare


It’s far more than “just a facial.”

Skin and Bacteria
The average American spends more on professional teeth cleaning than professional skincare, but if you think getting a regular deep cleaning for skin isn’t important, think again! Skin is our largest organ. It’s porous, therefore it absorbs bacteria easily. The average human touches their face 3000 times a day! Add environmental factors like air pollution/debris and harsh Midwest wind forcing dirt in pores, your skin is exposed to millions of bacteria a year! If you suffer from allergies, your skin is suffering from the increased inflammation as well. Most people have not had a skin analysis, but our facials include a woods lamp assessment. This shows the areas of skin that need targeted (and often different) treatment. Even if you steam at home once a week (who does?) a professional steamer is much more powerful, therefore gets skin 4x cleaner.


Skin Care Myths

woods lampPeople tend to associate professional skincare with luxury. This is also why skincare may be falsely thought of as “unnecessary”. Reality is the pampering experience is a just a side benefit to its real purpose- HEALTH. Women on average spend a whopping 85% more on hair and over the counter skin care products than they do on professional skincare. The beauty and relaxation perks should not confuse the purpose of skin health, which is why professional skincare is a licensed and regulated practice. If you think home care with good products means you can skip facials, wrong again. Skin that receives regular professional care benefits twice as much from skincare products (like vitamin C & retinol) than untreated skin. Think of skin like an engine. If you’re not getting an engine cleanse or oil change, buying premium gas doesn’t matter.

Fact: A facial assesses skin overall needs, PLUS deep cleans, PLUS removes congestion, PLUS treats specific needs. 

Does the Midwest have the worst skin?

Skin Facts and Midwest, bad odds

The Midwest has a true four seasons. Our summers are brutally hot with high humidity and our winters are bitterly cold with dry air and no moisture. Regions like ours are the most extreme in differentiating climates. This means skin is in a constant state of change. When your skin adapts to an environmental change, it can go into a state of rest. When it does this, inflammation caused by environmental changes calms down and skin resumes to its “normal.” We never have that benefit because once our skin adapts, the season is already changing to the next! Think about that. Despite genetics, age or home care, the odds are already stacked against us! Yes, over a lifetime your skin may adapt. But if you have rosacea, oily skin, dry skin or acne each season change will trigger more flare ups. Plus, having good skin older is great, but who doesn’t want good skin from 20’s through 40’s? The time to start is NOW!

Here’s another baffling and startling Midwest fact. Based on industry averages, ironically the Midwest has one of the lowest professional skin care markets, yet regionally has some of the highest skin care needs.

Though the West Coast, and South get damaging sun, these appearance focused regions spend more on skin services. Though the north can be more drying, they also get less sun, and they spend as much or more than we do on skincare! This means the harsh elements of our region combined with under-treatment makes Midwesterners one of the most “aged” appearing demographics. Why is this? It’s partially due to some common (and inaccurate) skincare beliefs. Other factors may be conservative Midwesterners feel as though skin care is a luxury. Our average facial is priced affordably around $52. At the very least professionals recommend a facial every 12 weeks to help combat normal regional climate change. For $1.80 a day you can have skincare every 12 weeks. For $3.60 a day you can have a facial every 6 weeks. That’s less than most people spend on coffee a day. Instead of asking why we don’t get regular skincare, maybe ask how can you afford not to? 

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Health and Skincare

  • Combination skin is most common in regions like ours. It is also the skin type that needs the most attention.
  • As skin becomes dry due to age and climate, it works harder to maintain moisture with oil production. Even mature skin experiences skincare congestion.
  • Combination skin needs chemical peels to avoid and treat milia.  Professional extractions are necessary to remove blackheads. These are common forms of skin congestion.


combination skinRegular professional skincare has shown to decrease skin cancer chances by 30%. This increases with good product use that promotes cellular turnover. If dead damaged skin sits on the face, the chance for inflammation increases. Inflammation can increase chances of cancer. If that wasn’t bad enough, dead skin dulls your complexions. To put it bluntly, skipping professional skincare ages you significantly.


Relaxation Equals Less Inflammation

A professional facial includes a neck, arm and facial massage. These are the areas where tension is carried the most. Tensions also creates the most inflammation. That’s why these are also areas massage therapists tend to focus on. A facial is like getting multiple treatments in one. A professional facial treats skin, flushes and recharges the lymphatic system and is as relaxing as a massage. The added benefit of deep relaxation is also another proven health benefit.

We Reward You with Skincare.

One thing we are trying to do this year is educate our salon visitors on how our rewards program works. If you get hair services with us you may have earned enough rewards for skincare. Our average salon guest spends $200 every 6 weeks on hair. For every $50 spent you earn a reward point. When you bank 15 points you have a $50 credit. You can apply this to hair extras like deep conditioners or hair products, but most of you would be buying these anyways. Why not put it towards a facial?  When was the last time you had a full luxury treatment with huge benefits for FREE? This is not a dialed down service for our rewards program either. It is the same amazing service you receive as if you paid. We are the only salon in the area to offer this level of luxury rewards.

Skip The Spa Facial & Get it Here

Many people only get facials for an event or when they vacation. That’s the worst time to get a facial. The esthetician doesn’t get a chance to know your skin and its 4 times the cost! A cruise ship facial is an exorbitant $200. At Studio 39 a full facial is the only full service on our rewards program.  This by far makes it the best choice for getting more bang for your buck. We also offer facial packages discounted every change of season, and guess what? That earns more rewards as well and you get more free skincare!


Still think you don’t need a facial?



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