Googling microlinks hair extensions you’ll see lots of terms. Hair extension research can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of gimmicky, confusing info. Let me help you with some insider terms. First, fusion. You hear this a lot. It means typically a strand is fused to hair by a solvent or compression. It what’s mainly around the KC area. Fusion or u-tip method requires a VERY heated tool to attach a bond to your hair and either an acetone or oil solvent to remove it. Compression is my favorite. It just compress the hair to your natural hair.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy, another term you hear ALL the time. Quite over used if you ask me. It just means the hair still has its cuticle intact. A hair shaft in good condition has a cuticle( outer layer like a Christmas tree) that is tight and close together , cortex (middle layer) and medulla( inner core of hair shaft). If someone over colors or  his heavy handed with flat or curling irons( we see it all the time) more than likely the cuticle has been damaged. Remy basically means un -damaged  virgin hair.  Remy is soo not a big deal anymore because if a hair extension company even has to say its “Remy”  it screams unprofessional to me. I mean if your getting professional extensions then shouldn’t Remy hair be a given?  Then of course there is the origin. Which part of the world it comes from. Very important.  See my other posts about this.

Copper Microlinks

Hair extensions help in adding length, volume, color , thickness and helping clients regain hair density lost due to illness and medical treatments.  If you know me and the salon then you know we believe that the cleanest and purest way to achieve a desired look is always the best which is why we use microlinks. Its quite simple. We only use 2 things for extensions. The lock or link, and the hair strand. Links are tiny tubes made from copper. Copper is a naturally occurring metal in our body, so copper can actually promote increased hair growth.

Copper has also been proven to help with inflammation. We thread a copper microlink through a strand of your hair and then insert the hair extension and compress with a special tool. Since the hair is enclosed in this weightless little tube, there is less tension. Other knock-off brands use an aluminum bead which can corrode and mildew your hair. This blows my mind. I wont even use deodorant with aluminum , let alone attach it my hair!? Plus our type of extension is re- usable for 12-18 months. So over the long run most economical. Other systems are un-usable after a few months. To me that is just plain wasteful.

Research helps to find the right system for your hair and your budget but all extensions require maintenance and vigilant at home care. If you slack on home hair care in between visits it shows, literally. The last few weeks have been hectic and I didn’t use the right products or brush my hair as often as I should have and hello Chewbacca! My hair looked dry and dull.  A little TLC revived it, but it taught me a valuable lesson. Treat your hair bad , it will look bad . Treat it with love and it will love you back.