Balayage and Highlights

Balayage and highlights are the cornerstone of dimensional blonde and our color specialties we’re known for. Some people are confused by the term balayage but it’s a blonde technique for highlights. Traditional foiling methods and freehand work like balayage have always been a color staple for us. Dimensional hair means deeper color shows under highlights. This look is hot right now, but you need highlights for dimension because natural hair lacks depth without them. Whether you want dramatic or natural, highlighting is a the best way to keep contrast, which is brightness, in the hair. Multi technique colors give depth and movement to all hair, even redheads.

Like all color, it’s about placement and formulation. With highlighting and balayage you can build blonde over time or stay natural by balancing with low lights added for dimension. Our color approach is rather evolved at Studio 39 and every color here is custom. Many salons say that, but we have noticed our industry tends to place women inside color trends that may not be right for them or hair is often “under colored” with formulas and techniques that are slightly antiquated and basic. Nobody wants basic hair.

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Pricing for Salon Senior and Master Stylists Downtown

Full Highlight or Baly: $175- $275


Highlighting Gray Hair

The hair aging process starts for most in their 20’s. We have formulas for every level of gray. One of our highlighting specialties is covering gray while maintaining highlights. It’s a tricky multiple technique color because color darkens whereas highlighting lifts and brightens. Eventually you’ll have to lighten the hair you previously darkened. We have a *Baly & Base service that covers gray but blends into highlights. We use this technique frequently and also call it a color melt and can be used if you want a deeper root in general.





We’ve done the math.

If you think you’re saving money by stretching appointments, think again. Full highlights on long hair at $250. 4 x a year= $1100. A partial at $150 x 6= $900. A partial is work done on areas that need color. We recommend maintenance every on 6-8 weeks.

Blonde by Gemy

If you wear makeup, hair color should be part of your routine and that includes balayage and highlights. Over time hair becomes unbalanced in color, this happens from season to season too. Once blonde is achieved we balance hair in winter months with tone and low lights to rest hair but maintain color. Spring tie is our Blonde Season and we are busy for months blonding up hair for the season. We have a system here that works because many clients want long and blonde hair. But hair needs small “breaks” from bleach for long hair to stay healthy. Everyone can benefit from a some form of color but highlights flatter everyone because they naturally catch light and flatter your face. This is especially important as a woman ages.

Blonde by Gemy
Blonde by Gemy
Baly by Gemy

Balayage Highlights

Studio 39 was one of the first salons in Kansas City’s to perform balayage, and it has come a long way since we started doing it in 2004. Balayage is a form of hair painting that is a free hand technique meaning “to sweep” in French. We perform traditional balayage highlights as well as newer techniques like foilayage. Colorist lingo has become mainstream because of social media so we often need to clarify “balayage” to us means highlighting done with bleach work that is customized. Traditional or advanced, all of our color work is custom because hair color should be tailored for the individual. It is a term we use to indicate level of skill and time needed to do the service to achieve the look.

Newer techniques like foilayage are good for blonder results. We often use this when lighter looks are needed for color melting and rooted effects.  Traditional balayage is where a colorist applies a special type of thicker lightener by a paddle and brush in a sweeping motion directly to the hair without a foil or additional color tool. It is very important a colorist is correctly trained and our entire staff has received advanced education on these techniques. Baly became known because of ombre but lived in blonde is less popular again. However it’s a technique we will always use for blondes. Brunettes can also use it for sun kissed, caramel highlights, but not platinum. It’s important to choose a salon that knows when to use this technique and when not to.