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Best Salon in KC

Our salon is home to consistently top rated stylists because specialty salon service is our niche.  Advanced haircutting and expert colorists are what we are known for, so if you’re looking for a salon with years of experience- here we are. Schedule online or call. 

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Expert Colorists of Kansas City

Online booking is available with with our top rated stylists for classic color, but a consultation for corrective color and blonde can be booked with our expert colorists online! Lived in color and oh so bright blondes built our local salon brand. 

Call 816-756-1187 to learn which stylist is best for you!

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Best Salon in KC for Hair Color

Studio 39 is well known for advanced hair color because we combine art and science. Years of studying the outcome of different techniques is why we know color realities, and how to explain them to guests. Expanded color theory is one reason we’ve maintained a top ranking in Kansas City salons. Corrective color and global blonde require planning and we’re here to help get color results for beautiful and healthy hair.

The Blonde + Platinum Salon

Studio 39 is Kansas City’s first salon to specialize in blonde and lived color. Since 2001, we’ve built years of experience perfecting blonde, platinum, and balayage techniques. Our beautiful transformations are achieved with chemistry and biology knowledge. Detail to how they affect color formulation gained us a reputation for the best salon in KC for blonde. Applying science to the art of hair color is how salon owner, Gemy Chiarizio, built a name as a color expert.

Many colors require corrective lightening to achieve desired results, so color planning is how we create a customized approach. For a new hair color service or signature blonde, a consultation is the first step.

Curly Hair Certified

A curly hair care routine with special cutting techniques and products will make you will fall in love with the freedom of wearing your natural texture or curls! Certain cutting techniques help reduce frizzy bulk to shape hair into beautiful curls. There are different types of cuts for different types of curl shapes and natural curl hairstyles.

Attentive Salon Service

For a salon that won’t rush or skip corners, rest assured we don’t work that way. Achieving your hair goals through customized service is our priority, so browse our site for tips and information on services. Explore how we help you gain the hair of your dreams!

Our Team

Make us your go to hair salon because our team of stylists are advanced and experienced! Studio 39 isn’t your average salon because we offer advanced experience and education in our services. Guests enjoy how our stylists work as a team to offer quality service skill to in our color and cutting approach. This professional dedication to giving results is what sets us apart from other salons.


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