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Our stylists think kind reviews are the best way guests say “thank you”. You can read reviews, or leave one, on google or facebook.

Or submit one in the form to us directly.

Each stylist always appreciates kind words or feedback!


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Being Informed

Questions to most answers are on our site. Reading service details and salon policies prior to scheduling helps.

Need Help?

Please call or email your location or contact a manger. We can’t fix what we’re unaware of, so we appreciate a chance to resolve a concern.

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Humans + Science 🧬

Marketing analytics show people are 3 times more likely to leave a negative review over a positive one, because scientific research proves we spend more energy analyzing a bad experience over a good one.

We’ve all seen a friend obsess over a breakup. To survive, our ancestors always had to be aware of threats, so in our mind, a loss is more newsworthy than a gain.

It's human nature.

Data shows modern human emotions are stronger if they feel $100 was lost MORE than the joy of feeling $100 was well spent.

Most feedback is good, but that’s why we take the occasional bad in stride.😉


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