Due Diligence

Due Diligence is defined as “A measure of responsibility that is reasonable and expected.”


  • Personal service requires a working relationship between a provider and you, the customer. 
  • Ethical business practice Has transparent polices.
  • Reading & accepting them prior to scheduling is up to the customer.
  • We ask ask that you please do your Due Diligence by reading policies provided.


 Appointment fulfillment ensures optimizing a stylists time, which directly impacts their income. Time is the largest factor in how professional services are priced.

Good communication and responsible booking habits help small businesses stabilize during unstable times.  Studio 39 has been open for 22 years, so our core customer base may be familiar with our policies, but during 2020 and 2021, relaxed appointment policies were required to operate through COVID.

Maintaining a healthy environment will remain a priority, but our booking & cancellation policies restarted in 2022.  We are flexible in most cases, but appointment fulfillment & good communication help establish a positive working relationship.

Digital Consent

In a click the box to agree and continue world, few read what it says above the box.  When we buy something online or join a social media site- each action & click is our consent to their user terms & policies.

The same applies here since we’re a paperless business with digital operating systems.

This page is linked in customer emails. Our system sends texts alerts for convenience, but please read appointment emails as it’s where details are provided.

Card On File

A current credit card on file to reserve appointments is required for all guests at both locations. Debit or cash payment may be used at time of payment. 


Appointment Notification: 1st Email

When you book an appointment, you will receive an “appointment notification” email about the service & a link will direct you to this page. If you do not receive the email, please call or email the salon location so we can check your email.

Lee’s Summit: Lakewood@Studio39Salon.com

Kansas City: Frontdesk@Studio39Salon.com

Appointment Confirmation: 2nd Email

Two days before your appointment email confirmation & text are sent. When clicking yes to confirm (by text or email) you are acknowledging your Due Diligence of reading policies, and appointment confirmation is your agreement/consent to service terms. 

 Service Refunds

Color is planned and haircuts come with a guarantee. All services are explained on a dedicated page. Color consultations offer options, but all color, keratin treatments, and extensions are priced like a mechanics “parts & labor”.

When you show us what you want, we plan ways to create it, but changing or “fixing” color can take multiple processes which add up. Usually the first few visits of a color change are the most expensive.

Service Parts & Labor

If you choose a more affordable route over a multiple process color, please don’t ask for a refund. We’re happy to answer questions or do a small adjustment, but requesting a refund is like asking a mechanic for one after they said you need a new car.

Each color tube we use are the “parts” we’ve already paid for. Stylist time is the “labor”.  We can’t decide if a service is right for you and your wallet, but if you follow our color plan, you’ll get results.  

Lee’s Summit Salon

Lakewood was only open 9 months before the COVID shutdown. Many were not familiar with our policies since lax cancellation policies were a health guideline. We appreciate continued support, but ask guests to now review our policies.

  • Credit card on file is required for all guests.
  • Consultations are required for most new color and extension services.
  • Please use cash or Venmo for stylist gratuities.
  • Information about specific services are on those pages. Please read the page relative to your service.
  • Unless receiving services, we ask that you not bring friends & family along. Multiple people in attendance can make our smaller location crowded quickly. 


Online Appointments

Some advanced or associate stylists take online bookings but all online reservations are prepaid services.

Please call to speak with the front desk if you’re unsure what to book. 

  • New color service: we prefer a color consultation prior.
  • New haircut: book a “New Guest Signature Haircut” option. 
  • Color consultations are required to see  a master or senior stylist at either location. 
  • If an online appointment is rescheduled within 24 hours, payment will apply to a future service once.
  • Same day cancellations and no shows are not issued refunds.  

Online Color Service Appointments

Online color is open as a convenience, but if you are new (or have not been in for awhile) and book a color appointment that is not in scope with your color request, we may need to reschedule you on a different day for the correct service & time. Prepaid amount will be applied to the future correct color service once.

  • Color appointments offered online are salon maintenance type of services and considered light color work.
  • Light color work = maintenance on highlights within 12 weeks of last service. 6 weeks for base color.
  • If you want a big change, want to go blonde, go much lighter in one visit, please do not book online color service. Book a color consultation.
  • If you want to remove old hair color, you’ll need a need corrective color which is a “consultation first” color situation.


Kansas City Salon

The Downtown location schedules several weeks in with senior & master stylists. Associate & advanced services are available online. 

Running Late

It happens. As a courtesy to the guest appointment after you, if you’re 20 or more minutes late, we will likely reschedule.

Maintenance haircuts are 45 minutes, so a shampoo, haircut & blow-dry in 20 minutes isn’t doable. We’ll will work with you but if you know you’re running behind, please call.

We try to call you if we’re running behind as well as well. Please allow additional time for parking downtown during or after 5pm and on Saturday.

Paperless Business

Our operating system is 3rd party managed for secure transactions. Receipts are emailed at checkout. Each customer profile has a transaction history of services and products. Cancellations have preset reason codes before our system removes appointments and all transactions are time stamped. New client appointments are created with service notes. We record all services and transactions digitally for best practice and safe communications 

Fraud Prevention Efforts

New guests must use the card on file for the first service. Guests who plan to use a different card than one on file, please have card preauthorized prior to service. If you plan to use a card that is not in your name, please have the cardholder call the business a minimum of 3 days prior to the date of service to authorize card use, otherwise we may deny service. Responsible payment processing is required for federal compliance.


Please manage digital communications and make sure emails are not spammed. When an appointment is made, a notification is sent. Two days prior to an appointment, a confirmation is sent. If an appointment is not confirmed, we will call. Without confirmation, appointments are subject to cancellation. Please do not rely on text only notifications until you are familiar with our confirmation process. Payment & communication systems follow the Federal Privacy Act. This is a privately owned business. Customer information is never sold & we do not send marketing emails.

Payment Questions or Disputes

We are human and no digital operating system is perfect. If you do not recognize a charge, please speak up at checkout. If you have a question after leaving, please check your emailed receipt or call us before disputing a charge. This is why we triple check email accuracy. Problem solving is a strength of ours, but we cannot fix what we are unaware of. When you dispute a charge with a credit card company on something we could easily remedy, it forces us to deal with the card company versus working with you- our customer. It also increases card fees which affect service costs. 

New Guest Services

  • Color, extension and keratin are specialty services which require a prepaid consultation prior to scheduling service.
  • Specialty service consultations can be booked online.
  • We offer some keratin smoothing (not straightening) services online for those familiar with the service. Please read Keratin page prior to booking a full keratin online. 
  • Haircuts do not require a consultation, but please provide info on what you want in the notes offered. 
  • Haircuts booked by phone: preauthorized card on file. 50% fee if no show or late cancelled. 
  • Haircuts booked online: prepaid  

New Guest Consultations

Color or Keratin consultation: $25

  • After consultation: 50% deposit is taken at the desk to schedule the future service. 
  • Card pre-authorization for remaining amount is automatically done by our system for new cards. This may appear as a “hold” of those funds but are not a charge. 
  • Senior & Master color consultation fee is not is not applied to future services downtown, as it is a payment for stylists time.
  • Color consult fees are applied to one color visit at Lee’s Summit. 
  • If a new guest late cancels or no shows after a deposit is made, the remaining balance of the 1st appointment must be paid before future appointments are re-scheduled.

Extension consultation: $50

  • Can be applied to future hair extension purchase within 30 days.
  • The $50 is a stylist service fee if guest opts out of extensions, or if hair/health/circumstances are not suited for service.   
  • Fee is not refundable.
  • Fee is not transferable to other services, unless stated by stylist.  
  • Cash or debit payment is accepted for extension deposit/final payment with a preauthorized card on file for full amount.
  • Hair extension consultations include time for the stylist to custom order hair after a consultation, once ordered- extension deposits are non-refundable. 

Cancelling Online Reservations

  • Appointments scheduled online must be canceled by calling the salon location directly.  
  • If canceled, we do not issue refunds for prepaid online appointments. 
  • If cancelled within 48 hours by phone or email, we will apply the amount to a rescheduled reservation once. 
  • We will reschedule an online haircut 2x max a year for a regular guest. 
  • After 2 consecutive requests to reschedule online services, services must be scheduled by phone. 

General Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

  • 48 hour (2 day) cancellation notification is required to avoid cancellation fee.
  • 24 hours is required for regular guest re-schedules.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday appointments: Please notify by 3pm the Saturday before, as both locations are closed on Sunday and Monday. 
  • Unless it’s a medical emergency, please do not make next day cancellations by phone or email after hours.
  • Existing guests: cancellation fee of 50% of service total will be charged to card on file for all no show appointments.
  • New guests: 50% deposit becomes a cancellation fee for no shows or late cancels. 
  • Certain exceptions may apply but this was/is standard practice.  
  • Cancellation fees are for missed (unbookable) stylist time, thus not refundable and are not applied to future services. 
  • All No-show/ no-call appointments require full payment in advance before scheduling future service.

.We understand kids get sick or work & family schedules change. If there is uncertainty about appointment fulfillment, please let us know ASAP to avoid a cancellation fee. we will prioritize your re-schedule.

filling a 3 hour appointment on short notice is difficult since everyone’s lives are more scheduled.

We revolve around Our schedule, so please check for conflicts prior to booking appointments.