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Whether you’re looking for a fresh new haircut, a vibrant color transformation, or flawless hair extensions, we can help you level up your style.  

Discover how the training of a master stylist as a salon mentor creates a better hair experience. At Studio 39 our team of hair stylists, colorists, and hair extension experts love what they do- and it shows. Guests love our skill and customised service from the talent of Kansas City’s best hairstylists of Studio 39! 

Master Stylist

 Mentor Salon Training

Utilizing the experience of a master stylist creates a hair team committed to providing personalized service. A mentor salon frames a hair team by levels to collectively ensure salon standards. This means our stylists learn advanced skills early in their career by working with Kansas City’s best hairstylists. Growing a stylists natural talent to a higher level of skill helps salon associate stylists as they work with us to level up  Different pricing is available for services on each stylist level. To learn more about pricing and service details visit our menu page!

Stylist Levels

Levels of Our Hair Team

  1. Salon Associate is a cosmetology graduate who is licensed or, becoming licensed, and is partnered with a mentor.
  2. Associate Stylist is done with initial training and seeing clients as a level 1 stylist. Associates have great pricing along with the support of the salon team. If you are on a budget they are a great options! So much talent thrives in the associate stylists. You gain the benefit of meeting a talented stylist early in their career before they become more expensive and harder to book with!
  3. Advanced Stylists have a minimum of 12 months and are beginning to become highly skilled in classic services and are expanding to advanced work like color corrections.
  4. Senior Stylists have 2 years minium salon experience, plus can do specialty services well like global blonde. They also start focusing on specific specialty work like extensions, barbering, or color corrections. OR they are just an exceptionally well rounded stylists because they aren’t limited to certain services and can do everything well.
  5. A Master Stylist has mastered many services nad has 5 years of salon floor experience. They can also sep in and train and work with other stylist on the floor to offer support.
  6. Master Mentor is a stylist who has completed our mentor program and helps in the responsibility of cultivating associates in training one on one as they do services together on the mentors clientele.

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