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If you are a recent graduate or a cosmetology student looking to kickstart your career, Studio 39 Salon’s Associate Program offers advanced training and career guidance in a reputable salon. Our program sets you on the right path to success. Join us and let your creative talents flourish!

Salon Associate Program

Our associate program partners you with a stylist educator who works with you doing hair on salon guests. In addition to securing a job while you’re still in school, we can get to know you better to best match you and a stylist who vibe together well. Studio 39 Salon has been creating salon jobs this way for 20 years because side by side and hands in hair salon work is the best way to quickly build the skills to build your own clientele.

Associate Stylist

Graduating cosmetology gives you a license to learn. Like how a high school diploma is the first step to college, an associate program is like a graduate program. By increasing your skills early in your career, you also increase the demand of your time.

Receive Ongoing Education 

Ongoing education in certified luxury services is an employee benefit.


  • Curly hair care and cutting. 
  • Precision hair cutting.  
  • Advanced color formulating. 
  • Global blonde and corrective color. 
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatments 
  • Behind the chair business education.
  • Custom Hair Extensions 

Successful hairstylists are made by working with one.

Studio 39 Owner

A salon associate program is historically proven to build lasting salon careers. All stylists have concerns about doing hair after school, but an associate program keeps your career moving forward. Rewarding work as you learn and earn income is the best transition from cosmetology school to salon.

From Associate Program

This was how Studio 39 Salon owner Gemy Chiarizio started her career. Being an associate gave her the foundation to be a master stylist and color specialist.

To High Demand Stylist

She also built a salon team by mentoring associates to into skilled stylists. Brielee is our associate educator and she and Gemy create classes and training together. Kind people who want to learn with an open mind are what we’re looking for. Because becoming a successful stylist is done by working with one!

Now Hiring

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Applying as a stylist?

Maybe you just moved here, or want a different salon model, we’d like to meet you as well. Applying for a Level 2 position needs two years minimum chair experience in a Summit Salon, job references, and a technical interview. Reading our site and Beauty Buzz posts will help get a feel of what Studio 39 represents! 

Hairstylist Career Statistics

Labor stats show after 5 years of graduating, less than 5% of grads are hairstylists. Hairstylists who own job creating salons are less than 1%. At Studio 39 Salon, we pride ourselves on being Kansas City’s Best Rated Salon! As an aspiring stylist, you deserve to know the reality of the industry. Our experienced stylists will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your education is free from any further financial burden.

Discover the world of Studio 39 Salon with our video tour of each location. Then learn what we do and some pitfalls to avoid when you graduate cosmetology school below. Apply now for our Salon Associate Open Application and kickstart your successful hairstylist career today!

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Studio 39 Salon Associate Program

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