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New Guest Signature Haircut Experience


We Suggest This Popular Service!

If you are new to us, or have not service in the last 6 months and want a change, we suggest scheduling this service which includes:

  • Cut consultation
  •  Relaxing scalp massage
  • Complimentary hair deep treatment
  • Haircut, Style + Cut Finish
  • Color Consultation
  • $25 Color Credit towards a future visit
  • 10% off custom selected hair products


How We Work

All services for haircutting and color fall under maintenance or new guest services. Since color and cutting are services that require maintenance, these appointments are generally shorter. New guest color and cutting allow more time.

Of course other factors like very long and thick hair, or the amount of color used during a session is a factor too. Custom work means we customize each service for you and your hair, so exact prices are hard to quote. Once we establish what you want, all pricing is made clear.


Haircutting is our staple salon service so this is a salon that gets the importance of a good haircut! Our owner is one of a few cutting specialists in Kansas City with an approach inspired by Vidal Sassoon’s expert cutting. Hair-cutting is an artistic skill that is developed and stylishly shaped haircuts are hard to find.

Hair Coloring

Hair color is our top salon service and if you’re new, a consultation is the first step. Whether your desired look is funky or natural, one of our colorists will take the time to evaluate your hair in a consultation on our color page.

our blonde

Blonde & Platinum Hair

Go Blonde! Platinum is our signature color. Whether it’s called bleach and tone, or global blonde, both refer to lightening all the hair at once versus lightening the hair with highlights over time. Our evolved version is a more effective service so it’s less damaging. Multiple techniques to achieve “high blonde” looks is our wheelhouse color. Let’s blonde up with a consultation to discus you color goal.

Color Correction

Which brings us to a “Fix me!” color. Correcting color is our specialty because color is. So whether you did it yourself or had it done, if you’re unhappy with your hair, we can help. Many of our new salon guests become salon regulars because we did a corrective color for them while preserving the health of their hair.

Blonde Experts

Highlights & Balayage

Studio 39 is Kansas City’s baly place! That’s our term for balayage highlights because we do them so much, so you’ve landed in the right place. Since 2001, Studio 39 Salon blondes have been turning heads in Kansas City. We are the first salon in Kansas City to specialize in blonde services and to perform all Balayage highlighting techniques. Baby lights, foilayage or color melt, your highlights are in the best hands with our top-rated KC colorists.

devacurl product

Curly Hair Certified

We are DevaCurl & Surface Curl certified, but our styling tips + curl care & cut combo is EXTRA because we don’t buy into a brand- we use what works best for curls. Prepare for next level curls because we use Deva cuts + tried & true master cutting techniques trained by S39 owner & master haircutter. Along with the “Three-Step” styling method, we will teach you how to care for your curls. Curl-specific products that are free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones to create healthy and frizz-free curls you’ll love!

hair extensions

Hair Extensions

Yes, we know we sound braggy but it’s true! When a salon has been open since 2001, it’s a good thing to be a top Kansas City hair extension salon too!  Every modern, relevant technique is offered here. Currently NBR are popular but we want the best system for you. Extensions are a luxury specialized service. Lately we’ve seen a lot of extensions that don’t’ resonate special or luxurious, but this should be a very customized service with an informed and educated stylist. Remy hair is all we use with cutting techniques (very important) to perfect the blend so your extensions look completely natural. Bonus: we collectively work as a team to manage our hair extension clientele.

hair extensions

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Cezanne keratin treatment is a safe option for women wanting to improve the health and look of their hair. The stylists at Studio 39 Salon receive have certification to perform smoothing services using products that are safe and healthy. Our formaldehyde free formulas restore shine, remove frizz and reduce styling time at home.

Starting Prices

Prices vary per location, service and stylist. Call for exact prices or book online.