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A haircut is the most booked of all salon services because a good haircut is the foundation of your style.  Our owner is one of a few cutting specialists in Kansas City, and has developed a reputation and a brand, for skilled haircutting.

As a Vidal Sassoon precision hair cutter, she created our signature haircut looks. From a trim, to mod, to long and layered, our stylists can shape your hair for your style.

Signature Haircut

  • Associate Stylist 43+
  • Advanced Stylist 55+
  • Senior Stylist 55 +
  • Master Stylist 65+
  • Expert Stylist 75+
  • Gemy~Salon Owner 109+

Prices reflect a standard 45 minute to 1 hour time for a haircut and blow-dry finish. For advanced and higher stylists, extra cost may apply if additional time is needed for new guest services.



We have a consult for almost every service. Most luxury services require it, but we also have perm and a general “salon” consult too. We want visits to be comfortable and fun, and that happens when everyone is on the same page. There’s no reason to forgo a consult for new color, or an unfamiliar service, because consultation fees are applied towards service.

Hairstyling & Haircare

  • Clipper (Barber) Cuts 33+
  • Kids Cut *8 years & under with a “childrens” amount of hair – 33+
  • Blow Out 33+
  • Wand add on 15+
  • Full Iron Out ( Straight or Curls) 33+
  • Deep Treatment 25
  • Luxe Treatment  45


Hair color is one of our top salon services, and a the first step is a consultation.  Our colorists can create your color look and some classic color services are available on our online booking menu.

  • Base Color 68+
  • Gloss 55+
devacurl product

Curly Haircuts

We are DevaCurl & Surface Curl certified, but our curly haircut is EXTRA because we don’t buy into a brand- we use what works & what is best for hair, even curls. We are a Deva curl certified salon for hair care and curl cuts, but we no longer carry Deva for a reason. Surface Curl & Curl Expressions are what we use. You can read why on our curly hair page.

  • Curly Haircut 56+
  • Curl Refresh 48+

Curly Perms

Yes we do them! Perms go well with curl care to enhance areas of natural curl that has a weaker curl pattern, or go big. Textured hair is in, so we do all curly perm services like spirals, body waves, and short hair perms for the fellas. Perms can be booked online, but this is a chemical service. Booking a perm consult is a best practice if you are new to us and/or or have hair color.

 Costs are based on wrapping time. Mini perm is for the top only of short clipper cut.

  • Mini Perm- up to 30 rods, 124+
  • Perm 1 – over 30 rods 144+
  • Perm 2- over 50 rods quoted


Babylights, foilayage, micro- lights, gray blending, or color melts; all types of foil highlights we do. You’ll never go wrong with a classic highlight tailored for you.

  • Partial 93+
  • Full 118+

Luxury Services

Please inquire or schedule a consultation.

hair extensions

Keratin Treatment

Read about Cezanne keratin treatment,to improve the health and look of your hair. Studio 39 has multiple keratin certifications, but we only use ®Cezanne smoothing system, because it is truly safe and non toxic. This smoothing system (not a relaxer or straightener) is 100% formaldehyde free (actually) restores shine, removes frizz, and reduces styling time. Available online.

  • Consult 25
  • Treatment 350


Studio 39 is Kansas City’s baly place! That’s our term for balayage highlights because we do so many. Balayage is a natural lived in highlight that can be done sparingly for softer looks, or heavy for bright sun kissed blonde.  Baly can be paired with foils for a blonde dimensional look as well. Don’t forget the gloss!

  • Consult 25+
  • Partial 113+
  • Full 138+

Global Blonde

Go Blonde! Global Blonde is our signature color  from root to tip, versus going lighter with highlights over time. GB can be used for platinum or dimensional all blonde looks for a significant change in one session. Few color salons do this type of work, so a consult is the first step in how to achieve a blonde ambition.

  • Consultation 25+
  • Full Global- hourly at 105+
  • Blonde Refresh 166+
our blonde

Color Correction

Which brings us to fix me color. Corrective color is our another feature color because GB can be used for a color correction.  Whether you did it yourself, or had it done, if it’s not right- we can help. Many of our regular clients first saw us for corrective color to fix hair + preserve the health.

  • Consult 25+
  • Service-Hourly Rates Apply

Hair Extensions

Certified in luxury extensions since 2007, we offer single strands, tape & (NBR) Natural Beaded Rows. Certain Studio 39 stylists are certified and educated in installation, care, and maintenance of beautiful full cuticle remy hair from professional brands we’re certified with. A consultation is required to match your color and to quote hair cost. Specialty cutting techniques are used to blend extensions so they look natural. Hair lasts about a year, and we do corrective extension work as well.

  • Consult 50+
  • Hair Service- 120+
  • Corrective Service – Quoted
  • Hair Cost- Quoted

Extensions are always a highly trained luxury service.

And we won’t move on that. Regardless of popularity or demand. Often we see new guests in need of removal, or hair recovery, from botched installations. It’s not uncommon for stylists to bypass the certification, plus the ongoing advanced (and extensive) training, required to attach hair to the scalp for 24/7 wear, safely.

Which is why we only work with our certified brands. If you have a corrective situation, existing professionally installed system, or just looking for a new extension salon, please call the salon for a consultation.

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