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Good Hair Starts with a Great Haircut

Our goal is to give you a haircut that is perfect for your personal and professional life. As stylists we can always make your hair beautiful IN the salon.  It is when you style your hair OUT of the salon that matters. We want at home styling to be easy and pain free and that starts with quality cutting. Your face shape, hair goals, length, color, texture, are all things we consider when consulting about cut work.


What Sets us Apart

Our stylists are expertly trained in advanced hair cutting techniques.Though many salons say they have continuing education, most stylists lack the foundation of being personally mentored by a master stylist who first specialized in the art of hair cutting. We believe this benefits our stylists and makes us unique and sets us apart. We follow cutting principles based on anatomy and geometry, and this type of advanced cutting needs to truly be understood before it is executed well.

Our hair salons unique approach to hair cutting is developed by Studio 39 Salon owner Gemy Chiarizio. She is a true Master Stylist who is passionate about specialized hair cutting and uses methods inspired by Vidal Sassoon, the pioneer of expert hair cutting. We implement his principles to all of our signature haircuts.

Don’t Skip The Cut After Color

We believe hair cutting is becoming a lost art in the salon world. Women are investing in salon haircuts less than they did 20 years ago, yet good looking hair achieved through shape will never go out of style. The foundation of shape and form creates movement in the hair. This is achieved through cutting, and is necessary to compliment any color or style. Often newer salon guests will opt out of a cut post color, but color can only be maintained well on healthy hair. Open porous split ends do not hold color because unhealthy hair is hollow. If you have a haircut every 6-12 weeks (depending on hair length) we promise your hair will be in optimal health.



Short Haircuts Take Skill and Experience

Short haircuts can feel like a new lease of life! Our hair salon’s trained stylists are experts when it comes to evaluating the shape of your face and executing short haircuts. Our goal is that a short cut not only look outstanding on you, but a cut that you can take care of at home, so you look outstanding every single day.

Our stylists have all received advanced training; however education and experience level differ, so our pricing is based on the individual stylist.

bob haircut

Studio 39 Signature Women’s Haircuts 52+

We start with a consultation, relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. We always finished with a blow-dry style so that we may complete with dry cutting techniques. No one leaves with wet hair here! We believe you should look styled and polished when you leave a salon.
We offer maintenance dry cut’s as well. This is great option for those trying to grow length but still need to keep hair healthy with a trim. It can stretch the average recommended time between haircut’s and refresh a cut that is becoming unmanageable.

A dry cut is just as important as a wet cut because it gives the shape a finished look and can remove unwanted weight.
We believe every great hair color is accented by a great haircut. For information about curly hair cutting, see our page about DevaCurl.

Men’s Haircuts $35+

Whether your style is modern, hip, edgy or professional, we can help give you the look you’re going for. We love to show men the difference a few easy style tricks can make in updating their look. Don’t worry, we keep it simple and user friendly. All you need to do is get a cut with our Kansas City hair stylists, and we will take care of the rest.

For you guys on the go, we offer special pricing for pre-booked appointments every 3 weeks or less. Neck trims can help maintain cuts in between visits. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage with each visit.

Our products are always SLES (sodium laurel ether sulfate) free. This ingredient has been linked to hair loss. If hair loss is a concern, we have special products and at home advice for both men and women. We only use the purest, PH balanced products to promote a healthy hair and scalp for all of our clients.

Kids Cuts $25+

Our salon offers haircuts to our smallest clients as well! We ask that a parent or guardian be with the child during the visit, so it can be a fun experience for all.

Like all of our services, an appointment is required. Pricing for children, 12 years and younger, is based on the age and amount of time spent with the child.

Call Studio 39 Hair Salon at (816) 756-1187 for a haircut you will finally love.

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