We know policies are wordy & not “fun” but we offer transparency so please do your Due Diligence by reading company policies prior to service.

Pricing & Payment

Studio 39 is a salon company brand with the same service and payment guidelines at both locations. Please read about the service you want on our site pages,. With the exception of corrective color work, we are an à la carte service salon. Each service is listed separately in a ticket during your consultation so price is provided, and also listed on customer email. Prices are based upon their salon level, skill achievement, specialty services, and demand. Visit our menur page to learn more or call for more details!

  • Preauthorized Credit Card on file is required for all guests.
  • Preauthorized amount for service requiring a deposit will appear as a hold on the card.
  • Debit or cash payment may be used at the time of payment. 
  • Consultations are required for most new color and all extension services.
  • Please visit our extension page about non S39 hair extension work.
  • Please use Venmo or cash for stylist gratuities, card gratuities are not accepted.


Cancellation Policy

  • A 48 hour (2 day) cancellation notification is required to avoid cancellation fee.
  • 24 hours is required for our regular guest re-schedules.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday appointments: Please notify by 3pm the Saturday before, as both locations are closed on Sunday and Monday. 
  • Unless it’s a medical emergency, please do not make next day cancellations by phone or email after hours.
  • Existing guests: cancellation fee of 50% of service total will be charged to card on file for all no call no show appointments.
  • New guests: 50% deposit is required for new color.
  • New guests: for no call no shows, and late cancels, deposit may be applied as a cancellation fee.
  • All repeat No-show/ no-call appointments require full payment in advance before scheduling future service.


Running Late

It happens, but for the guest scheduled after you, we may need to reschedule if you are 20 minutes (or more) late. If you are running late, please call to ensure we can take you, as we make effort to do the same if your stylist is behind. Allow additional time for parking downtown on Saturday.

Sickness or Weather

Appointment fulfillment ensures optimizing a stylist’s time which is how they earn and and demand of time is a factor in how we price. We are  flexible in the event of illness or bad weather, so in the event of winter weather causing driving to be dangerous, we will notify you. If you or a stylist is sick, we can place you with another stylist or re-schedule. Outside of these rare or extreme situations, we ask for 24-48 hours for cancellation.


We understand kids get sick or work & family schedules change but to avoid a cancellation fee, please let us know asap to re-schedule. Many stylists are waitlisted, but filling a 2 hour appointment on short notice is difficult, so please check for conflicts prior to booking appointments.



Paperless Business 

Our operating system is 3rd party managed for secure transactions. Receipts are emailed at checkout. Paper receipt may be requested. Each customer profile has a transaction history of services and products. Cancellations have preset reason codes before our system removes appointments and all transactions are time stamped. New client appointments are created with service notes. We record all services and transactions digitally for best practice and safe communications.   

Digital Consent 

In a click the box to agree and continue world, few read what it says above the box. By creating an appointment, you’re consenting to our cancellation terms & privacy policies, which is stated on your notification email with this page linked. We do not share or sell any information.

Privacy Policy

Payment & communication systems follow the Federal Privacy Act. This is a privately owned business, customer information is never sold or shared outside of the business. Privacy policy applies to information entered into this domain or info you enter into our online scheduling system, as we a federally compliant, cyber secure and take protections against information misuse.

Contact Consent

By submitting your contact information you agree to us contacting you by phone or email. Any future contact may be opted out and you may review or update your information at any time.

Fraud Prevention 

New guests must use the card on file for the first service. Guests who plan to use a different card than one on file, please have the card preauthorized prior to service. If you plan to use a card that is not in your name, please have the cardholder call the business a minimum of 3 days prior to the date of service to authorize card use, otherwise we may deny service. Responsible payment processing is required for federal compliance. 

Digital Communication 

Please manage digital communications and make sure emails are not spammed so you receive the appointment notification email when you schedule. Two days prior to an appointment, a confirmation is sent. If an appointment is not confirmed, we will call. Without confirmation, we may cancel. If you have visited us before and we make multiple attempts at contacting you to confirm, please respond, because if you no call no show, a 50% fee is charged to card on file. Please do not rely on text only notifications only until you are familiar with our scheduling and confirmation process to ensure each stylist has an organized schedule.

 Payment Questions or Disputes 

We are human and no digital operating system is perfect. If you do not recognize a charge, please call. If you have a question after leaving, please check your emailed receipt & call us before disputing a charge. This is why we update contact info at each check in. We cannot fix what we are unaware of. Disputing a charge on something we could easily remedy forces us to deal with a card processors which can increase our business fees to accept credit cards. Fees like these impact cost of doing business, which in turn affects overall service costs over time. 



Consultations & Extensions

Color, salon, and extension consultation fees may be applied to future service or extension purchase within 30 days. Fee is not refundable or transferable. If a guest opts out of color or extensions, or if hair/health/circumstances are not suited for service. Consultations are a professional courtesy service for input to best place you with a stylist and service.


Please read the page of the service you have booked, since all services are priced on skill, time & products used. If you call within 7 days of service to have your hair adjusted, we will happily get you back in at no charge for a cut adjustment within reason. If you simply want a different style, or are unhappy with the look you chose-service cost applies.  “Fixing” or changing color can take multiple processes, so generally this does not apply to color. 


We do not refund any service. Expectations should stay on level with what a guest is willing to invest in hair wise, so scheduling with an associate stylist while expecting master level experience is unrealistic. However we encourage booking with associate stylist as they are new talent on the rise. How we work is outlined in detail and good communication and customer service are trained at length to offer a high level of service.


Online Appointments

Advanced or associate stylists are open for online appointments. All online reservations are prepaid services. Please contact us if you’re unsure what to book.  Online color appointments booked incorrectly will likely be rescheduled. Should this occur, the prepaid portion will be applied to the corrected service once. First time haircuts, please leave notes about your hair as times for service are pre-set.  Color consultations are required to see a master or senior stylist, or for Global blonde or corrective color with any stylist.  Please contact us for master & senior stylists for information on availability.

Online Color Appointments 

Color appointments offered online are not for platinum or corrective color are maintenance type of color service. “Maintenance” means highlights are either on virgin (non colored hair)  or hair that has highlights only and within 12 weeks of last service. Single process base color must be done within 6 weeks. If your hair needs more time/work than what is allowed online, we may need to reschedule. If the stylist is able to do service, additional costs may apply. 

Canceling Online Reservations

Appointments scheduled online must be canceled by calling the salon location directly. If canceled, we do not issue refunds for prepaid online appointments Rescheduling online appointments must be done by phone or email within 48 hours to apply paid amount to a future service within 2 weeks.


Salon Atmosphere

We want to offer a stress free visit for staff and guests alike, so a positive environment is a priority. Working as a team collective with our different personalities to please guests is our goal, 

Right To Refuse Service

Positive communication is valued here since fixing hair issues is a strength of ours, but we’re a multiple location brand. Some brands aren’t for everyone and that’s ok!  We don’t take things personally, but personal behavior and interaction is a personal responsibility, so basic human decency and kindness is required. If a client becomes aggressive, rude, or overly demanding and disruptive, we may intervene and end the service to maintain a safe environment.

Children In The Salon

With that said, we ask unless your child is receiving service, they do not come for yours. Please schedule when you have childcare, and please do not bring a sick child to the salon. Kid haircuts are available for 8 and under, unless your child has an adult amount of hair regarding amount, density, or length. Kids haircuts are a courtesy service. If your child is crying or does not sit well for a cut, please do not be offended if we end service. Trying to cut the hair of an unwilling child with sharp scissors is dangerous. Please help us maintain a safe and stress free environment for all staff and guests.