Brow Tint and Wax

Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing From Studio 39 Salon

Studio 39 Salon offers brow tint and wax services to create clean sculpted brows.


Eyebrow Wax – $20
Eyebrow Tinting – $20
Eyebrow Wax & Tint – $40

About Eyebrow Waxing From Studio 39 Salon

Waxing brows is common and is a quick (relatively) painless service. Removing hair from the root will always be accompanied by some degree of pain depending on personal tolerance, but our staff is trained to give you the best brows and the best experience. Brow tinting and waxing are straightforward services. Bridget our esthetician is very experienced in sculpting and shaping brows. She is detail-oriented and usually fine-tunes eyebrows until the shape is perfect for your face. Men and women both benefit from brow services!

About Eyebrow Tinting

If you have never had your eyebrows tinted, you must try this service! Tinting is great for blondes and brunettes alike and is one of the most reasonably priced, youth enhancing services at Studio 39. We are all about GOOD BROWS and we recommend brow tinting for almost everyone. A brow tint can change the entire look of your face for the better because eyebrows truly are the frame for your eyes. Most eyebrows grow unevenly and sparse in some areas, which can make brow makeup tricky to apply. This fast and affordable service can give your brows a much needed boost.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting From Our Kansas City Salon

For makeup fans who use a brow pomade, pencil, or powder, you will love the foundation tinting gives for a good brow application.
Natural faced girls can skip the pencil altogether and still have better brows. Barely visible eyebrows age you and many face products contain acid based ingredients that lightens your brows. Blonde is our color specialty, and this service adds necessary color so your face doesn’t look washed out.
Brunette or redheads who cover gray also need brows to match hair color so this quick service should be added to color services. Complimenting color is key to a total look for hair and skin!

Microblading versus Eyebrow Tinting

Blading has a lot of buzz right now and though we do not offer microblading, we are very familiar with the service. Try tinting first if you’re considering brow tattooing because tattooing is painful, time consuming, and expensive. Face tattooing isn’t really “permanent” either, so there is an annual upkeep time and cost. Easy, pain-free, and far more affordable, tinting is the best way to get good looking, groomed eyebrows. People who get monthly body waxing or color can easily add this affordable service to their next appointment. Plus brow services are one of our many services offered in our S39 Rewards program!

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