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Our Crossroads Kansas City salon and spa is our original location and offers hair salon services and many spa services as well. We have multiple stylists who do specialty salon services at different levels of experience and pricing. Easy online booking is available for both salons. See why our Crossroads Kansas City salon and spa is one of KC’s top rated salons for color and expert service. Have a relaxing, yet fun experience by booking here.

Visit The Studio 39 Spa

The spa in our Downtown Kansas City Crossroads location is a hidden gem that keeps your skin healthy. From brows to back facials, we offer relaxing treatments and body smoothing services like Brazilian waxing. Luxurious and affordable, our facials are a customer favorite to keep your skin glowing. European facials are the best preventive treatment for acne and aging. Before you do botox, try traditional skincare. After all. skin is our body’s largest organ, so everyone benefits from caring for it. Read about Bridget our esthetician by clicking her photo and learn more about our skincare and waxing services and love the skin you’re in!

Our Team

Make us your go to beauty salon because our team of stylists are advanced and experienced! Studio 39 isn’t your average salon because we ALL value bringing skill, education and attentive service to our salon guests. Guests can see how our stylists work together as a team by sharing in the responsibility of providing quality service and expert skill because they are invested in the Studio 39 brand. Collectively we work together perfect our color and cutting approach and this dedication to expertise sets us apart.

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Downtown is Known for For Hair Color

At our Crossroads Kansas City salon and spa we’re know for color, because we understand hair color is both an art and a science. We have years of experience of studying the outcome of each technique, and we explain realities and results. Color is our specialty and we’re here to help. One of the things that has earned Studio 39 their ranking at the top of salons in Kansas City, is our corrective and blonde hair coloring. We take the time to create a plan so you get color results. All of our stylists and colorists have advanced training to ensure your hair is beautiful and healthy. You can visit our team page to learn more about for our associate stylists offering affordably priced salon services. 

Call us today to schedule your color consultation at our salon in Crossroads Kansas City! 816-756-1187 

Best Blonde and Platinum in Kansas City

Studio 39 opened as Kansas City’s first salon specializing in blonde. Since 2001, we’ve continued to build upon years of experience to perfect our blonde and platinum techniques. Our beautiful blonde transformations are achieved with the science and knowledge of how to lighten hair. Each step of the process needs focused attention to achieve blonde yet maintain healthy hair. For every client, we work to create a realistic plan to achieve the lightest possible tones for your hair. Call us today to schedule a consultation at our Crossroads Kansas City salon and spa because and we will help you understand the best process to get our signature bold blonde.

Curl Care and Cuts for Curly Hair

A care routine with special cutting techniques create natural styles for those who are blessed with curly hair. We believe that curls that have are cared for with the right products and techniques help you fall in love with the freedom of wearing your hair naturally. Our curl care cuts use help eliminate frizzy bulk and shape beautiful curls. Each of our curl cuts are specialized to best shape your unique curl type and desired style. Call us today to book your cut or click here to book at our Crossroads Kansas City salon!

From Balayage to Brows: Top Salon & Spa Services in Kansas City

We want to help you achieve your beauty and style goals with hair and skincare services for you. Whether you’re looking for a new bold hair color, or facials, or glam styling for a special event, our full service salon has you covered. We take pride in all of our hair and beauty services. Check out our site for tips and info on all the latest beauty services. and explore the ways we can help you feel renewed and rejuvenated!

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