Our Hair Salon in Lee's Summit

Welcome to our hair salon in Lee’s Summit! Our stylists train at our Kansas City location to offer the skilled brand services that S39 a top rated salon.

The Lakewood salon was built to meet the requests for another Studio 39 in the Eastern KC area. Welcome to our specialty hair salon in Lee’s Summit.


Custom Color Hair Salon in Lee’s Summit

Curl care, extensions and haircutting, are our staple services but we’re best known for custom hair color! Consultations & color maintenance appointments can be made online. Schedule a color consultation for color makeovers, platinum blonde or color corrections. Out of town guests can fill out an online color consultation form. Salon services for haircut and color are booked one of 2 ways. This is why you will see “New” or “Maintenance” when scheduling most cut & color services.

Lakewood Studio 39 Salon

How We Work

All services for haircutting and color fall under maintenance or new guest services. Since color and cutting are services that require maintenance, new guest services allow extra time. Other factors like very long/thick hair, or the amount of color used during a session, can affect price. Custom work means we customize each service for you and your hair, so exact prices are hard to quote. Once we meet you, all pricing is made clear. If you book a service online, please leave information about your hair. General pricing can be found at our services.

Expert Haircutting

S39 owner is a haircut specialist who mentored under a celebrity stylist. Haircutting education is a priority, so her Signature Haircuts are a brand service taught in our stylist training program. Curly guests love our Deva Curl cuts because our hair salon in Lee’s Summit is double curl certified in Deva & Surface.

#1 Extension Hair Salon in Lee’s Summit

Studio 39 has been certified in hair extensions for 15 years. NBR extensions, IBE, tape & single strand methods are all offered. Enjoy the elevated skills and luxury salon services that created the Studio 39 brand.


How to Schedule

  • Call or Email: Note hours of operation. After hour replies are next open day.
  • Book Online: Reservations online are prepaid so please follow booking guidelines.
  • For new guests: fill out a color form for color booked online + notes in the space provided.

Our Policies


Consultations prevent online booking errors and give accurate costs. Below are service lists, but all cut and color work is first created- then maintained. So that is how we price all services because New Guest Services take more time.

Lee’s Summit Stylists

Contact us for help choosing a stylist. Excluding extensions, advanced & higher stylists do specialty services like curl cutting and balayage. Mariah and Liz are senior & master stylists from our downtown salon and serve as floor leaders and S39 service experts. Ashlea & Nicole are advanced and do all haircuts, color work, perms, and keratin treatments. Whitnee is an associate stylist available for classic salon service. Click stylist to learn more about their focus skills. Visit our extension page for a stylist directory. 


Meet Our Stylists

Manager & Guest Services


Associate Stylist


Advanced Stylist & Colorist

Advanced Stylist & Colorist

Senior Stylist & Colorist

Master Stylist & Colorist

Owner, Master Stylist & Colorist

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Visit our Lee's Summit Salon!

See one of our Lee’s Summit hair stylists for your haircut or hair color! Contact us to learn more about our hair stylists, hair services, or hair products.