We ❤️ Positive Reviews!

We are grateful for positive reviews when a guest says a few kind words about our work. At Studio 39, we strive to make guests happy with their hair, but also try be up front. Providing questions to most answers here on our site is our responsibility. We encourage guests to read our policies & service terms prior. When a customer and a business both share in being informed, it creates a better experience. Below are links for each location to let your stylist know how much you appreciate their time and work. ❤️

Concerns or Questions?

If you need help, please reach out to the desk at each location. We can’t fix what we’re unaware of, so we always appreciate the chance to resolve things. If you’ve already visited, below are links for each location.

About Positive Reviews...

Fun fact, because we love humans and science! Marketing analytics show that people are 3 times more likely to leave negative reviews over positive reviews. Why?

Scientific research shows humans spend far more energy analyzing bad experiences over good experiences. Whether based on perception or reality, this applies to all areas of life. We’ve all seen a friend obsess over a break up because in our minds a loss is more newsworthy than a gain.

Literally Human Nature

To survive, our ancestors always had to be aware of threats. If you thought we were evolved, think again. Data shows a modern human’s emotions are stronger at feeling $100 was lost, over the joy of $100 well spent. We’re happy most guests leave good feedback so we take the occasional bad in stride. After all, it’s human nature.😉

Thank You!