black and white portrait of studio 39 stylist emily

Guest Service Coordinator

Landon is so pleasant and I love how he always greets me with a smile. He remembers I like my coffee with cream only and it’s details like that stand out. The salon always feels welcoming. Good customer service is hard to find anymore but I can always count on it here.


Salon Guest

Landon is who you may speak with on the phone and is often the first face you see when you come into our lobby. He brings something extra to our guest service experience and is our full time lobby coordinator for our downtown location. You may also see him on occasion in Lakewood helping with administrative support and training. He has a warm and witty sense of humor and loves making guests feel welcome. His calm demeanor and quick sense of humor make staff and guests alike feel special and unique. His goal is to give every guest a memorable and enjoyable salon experience.


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