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Commitment to Quality

Studio 39 strives to set a standard in Kansas City. Part of our Best practice is Due Diligence which means we are transparent in providing educated options and disclosure on price. We are proud to have recognized talent with individualized skills that work as a salon team. A “specialist” means this is an area of service a stylist excels in.

 Beauty Terms and Titles

The internet is flooded with salon terms that can be confusing. After doing research and reading reviews, have you ever selected a “master” stylist, yet felt it did not accurately reflect their level of skill? There a many types of stylists and various kinds of salons. In or out of a salon, misuse of terms has become an epidemic. Beauty Influencer is a new term used in social media. Not only does it confuse, in most cases it means the individual is unlicensed. The professional beauty industry is a regulated trade that requires licensing and a Master Stylist was a title earned in a salon where a lead stylist assessed skill and experience. These terms have legitimate meaning yet are frequently used by mistake or to intentionally mislead potential customers.

FACT: There is no state curriculum or requirement for continuing education to maintain a barber or cosmetology license. This means continuing education is left up to the beauty industry itself. It is often expensive and marketed by product brand’s. Individuals are realizing this and some are looking to make additional income, whether they have experience educating or not. Finding quality education is difficult, but if it is given by a “master stylist”, it seems more legit. However, there is currently not a clear definition established by the beauty industry of what defines a “master stylist” because this term originated in leveled salons decades ago. Though the industry is booming, stylist careers are in a decline because lack of advanced education early can limit the growth of a stylist later. Shockingly, only 8% of graduates from hair school have a career after 5 years. Titles are created, self given and vary from salon to salon. These unknown industry facts can be confusing to the public and stylists alike. Before you select a salon, know the origin of how salon titles were given so you can make an educated decision because it’s become a marketing term to get your business.

Origin of Salon Level

The history of the professional beauty industry has many factors, but a key figure in shaping modern salons was a stylist who became well known in the seventies, Vidal Sassoon. This iconic salon leader owned high end salons around the world and he believed in two key principles.

  • Foundation of hairstyle is achieved through a haircut.
  • Our trade is a craft where advancement of skill is learned by mentoring.

We believe this as well because you can’t blend extensions, compliment color, or keep hair healthy without cutting. Schools focus on basics to pass a State Board test that was created decades ago and portions of testing is antiquated. The beauty industry is trend driven so schools recommend graduates seek a salon that has a mentor program. Sadly, in salon training requires time and resources most salons don’t have and why salon quality is becoming rare. However, long before social media, booth rental, or chain salons, a salon system was created to help new stylists grow. Mentor programs with focused training was how a stylist advanced. Since the most common service booked has always been a haircut, that was taught first. Studio 39 Salon owner was mentored in this type of salon and continues this practice. We which believe this gives our stylists an edge because few salons in our area do this, and even fewer have owners who were trained by a real Master Stylist.

We have four levels to indicate where a stylist is in their career by our standards. To read more about your stylist click on their photo.

“Only one who devotes all to a cause with their whole soul and strength can be a true master.”

Albert Einstein

Physicist and Super Genius

  • Lumi:  Entry level stylist.  Available for Lumiere services.
  • Associate: A stylist within their first 2 years here. 
  • Advanced: A stylist with 2+ years of S39 training and has a specialty focus.
  • Senior: A stylist with 4+ years, has multiple specialty skills, Salon Mentor & Leadership Team.
  • Master:  A stylist with minimum of 5+ years, mastered multiple focus skills and part of core Salon Leadership.

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