Corrective Hair Color

Facts about corrective hair color.

At Studio 39, we are experts in corrective hair color. Are you happy with your color results? If not, book a consultation for thoughtful input on improving your hair color.

Whether you did it yourself or had it done by an inexperienced stylist at another salon, our expert corrective hair color services will leave you happy with the results.

Most of our corrective color clients are new clients from other salons where a stylist was not properly trained in advanced color services and the results were disastrous.

Some inexperienced stylists (or salon clients) may not be familiar with expert hair coloring and perhaps think color is easy. The techniques to getting the right color and look are far from easy.

Our stylists are experts in corrective hair color. To achieve the desired results, corrective hair coloring requires knowledge of biology and chemistry. Exact mixing, texture, and placement are all factors in hair color.

For instance we use a special lightener for balayage highlighting that is different from what we for foil highlights. Balayage is method of highlighting where lightener tapers away from the root in natural looking highlights.  This technique is also commonly used to achieve different variations of the well known ombre look. You can learn more by reading our blog about balayage.

Hair Color Correction by Studio 39 Salon 614 West 26th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108We also use this method to achieve “balacolor” which is a unique method in which we combine low lights with a special color that is thicker than the formula we use for regular color services. This provides creative flexibility to give a color guest a one-of -a-kind look.

We are the only salon in Kansas City to perform a wide array of BALA color services. These types of advanced services include color melting, creating shadow roots, and dimensional blonde just to name a few.

Corrective hair color guests sometimes need more than one visit to achieve certain color looks.

Going light blonde on dark hair is a process and usually requires more than one visit to the salon, especially if there is previous artificial color on hair.

Going darker on blonde requires the same attention and may also require multiple visits. This involved color process requires focus and close attention with high product volume use which is why pricing is different than regular color services as explained on our hair color page.

Make the investment to pay for an experienced color salon to do your color right the first time so you don’t pay more later to have it corrected.

If you have bad color from home box color, or from an inexperienced stylist elsewhere, or are just unhappy with your color results in general; book a consultation with us for thoughtful input on how to improve your existing hair color.

In certain cases of real color emergency we can prioritize your appointment.