The Shocking Truth About Midwest Skin

Courtesy disclaimer: If you gross out easily, this is a post about clinical skincare facts with images as examples.    It’s far more than “just a facial.” Skin and Bacteria The average American spends more on professional teeth cleaning than... More

Seasonal Skincare

Skincare routines should change for the seasons! Click here to watch the segment of Gemy on Better Kansas City KCTV5 !   More

Know The Beauty License World Part 2

(This is part two or a two part Blog post on licensing in our industry) Last month I discussed my own discovery of our industry’s licensing by the State Board and what you need to be aware of in order to protect your personal health and well-being. This month I... More

Studio 39 Takes Part in Fashion Week

We are very excited to be a part of Kansas City Fashion Week this year. Studio 39 Salon will be working with several designers as they prepare for the shows. Check out the talented designers that we are proud to work with! Please check out the Kansas City Fashion Week... More