Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss is becoming a big concern for many women. Hair growth products are a growing market but it’s important to know what may be the cause before you need them.  Hair “shed” is normal. Hair can shed up to 150 strands a day because new hair is... More

7 Money- Saving, Green Beauty Tips

If you are a makeup artist or fancy yourself one, looking for natural ways to take care of your skin can sometimes be expensive. Department stores offer its customer’s brands like Lancome, Sephora, Dior, MAC, and Clinique. These are a few of the more expensive brand... More

The Beauty Benefits of Coconut & Olive Oil

We have a saying in our house if it’s not from Costco you probably don’t need it. I have purchased everything from electronics for home and business, clothing ( like my favorite Calvin Klein Jeans) and of course groceries, all from Costco. Did you know... More

Eat less meat and help the planet.

We all know healthy food and beauty go hand in hand but here’s some ways to look for better meat options.  Meat Has Changed Before Big Government and Big Corporation took over the meat industry, this part of the country was filled with Cattleman. Ranchers. Men... More

Estrogen and beauty products.

There may be a link between beauty products and estrogen dominance. Estrogen imbalance is responsible for many illnesses in America. What is Estrogen Dominance It’s possible that we are all — men, women and children — suffering a little from estrogen... More