Better Kansas CityHair loss is becoming a big concern for many women. Hair growth products are a growing market but it’s important to know what may be the cause before you need them. 

Hair “shed” is normal.

Hair can shed up to 150 strands a day because new hair is constantly coming in. As hair reaches different stages of growth, the older hair sheds off to make room for new hair. If you see an increase in the amount in your brush, you May be losing too much and it’s important to figure out why. Most hair loss is caused from internal issues. Here are some things to look for. 


  1. Diet & weight loss.  If you’ve lost a lot of weight in a short time or if you’re not getting enough protein, this can slow hair growth. If the growth slows but the normal amount of shed continues you will notice thinning. Getting plenty of healthy protein will help. After weight loss, once weight stabilizes, the hair will bounce back. 
  2. You’ve had surgery, illness or physical/mental trauma. Though as women we tend to place our hair very high on our priority list, our bodies healing system doesn’t. .Long term stress like divorce and a sick loved one can spike cortisol. This can slow hair growth. It’s also not uncommon to experience hair loss after surgery. Medications and auto immune disease that affect thyroid may also be a culprit. The first signs of more than normal hair loss can be your body’s way of telling you something is wrong internally and it’s time to see your doctor! 
  3. Hormone changes. Going off the pill, pregnancy and having a baby change hormone levels. These trigger changes on hair growth. It can take up to a year, but once your hormones stabilize normal hair growth resumes. 
  4. Over styling and too many chemicals. If you have not experienced any of the above the issue may external, what is being done to the hair. Simply put: Poor hair care can cause breakage. Pulling hair up to tight, heat styling, bleach and even hair extensions can cause breakage or follicle damage. If breakage has split from the ends to the middle, it’s hard to treat. Regular trims, professional advice and quality products can help.        

Tips to avoid external loss or breakage.

  • Keeping scalp clean and healthy. Use a detoxing shampoo once every 3 shampoos. Gunk can accumulate in scalp which can suffocate the hair follicle.
  • Get a better brush. If your bristles are flat, its time for a new brush. Try a boar bristle brush or a Wet brush that is designed to be snag-free.
  • Biotin. This vitamin is known to improve hair strength and growth. These are large vitamins so look for them in tasty gummy form.
  • Get a better shampoo and conditioner. Look for ones that contain protein and biotin.  
  • Targeted styling products. Choose styling products carefully. Look for ones that protect from heat but also contain “benefits”. Dual purpose stylers are great and many contain biotin as well. One of my favorites is a product called Brush proof. You spray on the brush and it makes your brush glide through your hair, but it also smooths hair.
  • A Natural Topical. Hair growth products like minoxidil have to be used daily and they can be harsh, so I like natural growth remedies like castor oil and japona Swertia. Castor oil contains linseed which is an anti- inflammatory. Japona Swertia is a Chinese herb found in some hair products. It helps hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. These can be massaged onto scalp at night.


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