Melanin’s Intelligent Design

 The Universe is the Supreme Architect ~  Mother Nature is the Master Artist~  🌍 💫 Natural Science ~  In other posts I’ve discussed our culture and how melanin affects hair color. This explains what melanin is and why it connects us to each other and our planet. Like... More

Covid Update

I want to give a COVID update on how we will do things in 2021. Businesses have a big role in community responsibility, especially during the pandemic. This is why I had a swift response from the start and maintained our efforts all year. I’m happy to report we... More

Covid 19 Policies

Covid Policies Hello everyone, this is Gemy the owner of Studio 39 Salon. We have been open since May but want to let you know what we’re doing to keep our salons safe this year.  Good phone communication is very important!  With texting and social media, we... More

The Deva Scandal

My History With Deva I have to address the Deva scandal because shampoo and curls is a topic that needs attention. This is unlike anything I’ve seen from a professional hair brand ignoring hair loss and damage. I’ve always had mixed emotions about DevaCurl. I... More

Stop Using Cream Cleansers & Start Using Shampoo

 Shampoo your hair!   This post is about why you need to shampoo your hair again. The last post was about the Deva Curl Scandal and how it evolved. All people need to read this because the dirty hair movement is DEAD. It’s killing our hair, literally. These were... More

Salon Assistant or Apprentice

Salon Assistant or Apprentice What’s the difference? We’re Hiring a Salon Assistant or Apprentice We have a full time position available for a salon assistant or apprentice at our Downtown Kansas City salon. This position is for a recent cosmetology... More