Thick or Thin Hair

Thick or thin hair guide. We have heard thick haired gals say, “my hair feels thin lately.” It may feel thinner to them, but not to stylists who touch several types of hair all day. In this post I explain what makes hair thick or thin and how to test your  hair... More

Our Signature Haircuts

Signature Haircuts ✂️ We have certain styles of cuts that are our Signature Haircuts. This means they are unique to our salon brand and are taught in our training program, but this is a general guide on how to book your haircut and what are the options we offer. To... More

Melanin’s Intelligent Design

 The Universe is the Supreme Architect ~  Mother Nature is the Master Artist~  🌍 Intelligent Design 🌌  In other posts I’ve discussed our culture and how melanin affects hair color. This explains what melanin is and why it connects us to each other and our planet. Like... More

The Deva Scandal

My History With Deva March 2020 I have to address the Deva scandal because shampoo and curls is a topic that needs serious attention. There is scandal brewing unlike anything I’ve seen from a professional hair brand. Largely due to overselling their “philosophy” to... More

Stop Using Cream Cleansers & Start Using Shampoo

Shampoo Your Hair! November 2021 The dirty hair movement is over because it’s killing our hair, or our hair follicles anyways. This post is about why you need to shampoo your hair again. The previous post was about the Deva Curl Scandal and how it evolved. Both were... More

The Kansas City Star | Gemy

Kansas City Star Story Behind The Story   Before I imagined a day would come when I’d be asked for an  interview, I was a salon assistant who drove to work hating my job. The high end customer salon world was not what I expected. In the winter my fists... More