The Kansas City Star | Gemy

Kansas City Star Story Behind The Story Long before I ever imagined being interviewed by the Kansas City Star, I was a salon assistant who drove to work every day hating my job. The high end customer service world was far less glamourous than what I expected. In the... More

Original Studio 39

 West 39th Street Kansas City   1801 West 39th Street Kansas City was where I leased a loft studio on 39th street to use as a salon, hence Studio 39 Salon began when I was barely 24 years old.  At the time I thought the name lacked creativity, but I’m glad I... More

Not Your Average Salon

You’re our client. (Written by a Studio 39 stylist when she was an assistant.) We’re your stylist. We may call you a guest, but you pay us for our professional skills and opinions and that’s just what you’ll get. Through this post we’d like clients to get an inside... More

How To Find A Good Hair Salon

“Best” Hair Salons Through the years we have had many new clients who start their appointment booking something like this..” Well I went to this salon that was supposed to be the best in Kansas City (or number one, or won all these awards..) and I just had... More