You’re our client.

(Written by a Studio 39 stylist when she was an assistant.)

We’re your stylist. We may call you a guest, but you pay us for our professional skills and opinions and that’s just what you’ll get.

Through this post we’d like clients to get an inside look at Studio 39 behind the scenes and on a day to day basis. The stylists here have worked hard to brand Studio 39 into what it is today. We were recently asked to describe the salon in three words. First thought, ‘What a difficult task to describe a place that has so much to offer in just three words.’ After thinking for a moment, we realized it wasn’t necessarily what we do here at Studio 39 that makes us great, it’s who we are. The same three words kept coming to mind, it was simple…glamorous, honest, and professional

When finding a salon, where the salon is located is key.  Studio 39 is located downtown and just blocks from the famous and trendy Crossroads District. We have no choice but to be influenced by urban vibes and fashion. Glamour is our specialty and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look and feel like a celebrity from time to time?  Yet, being glamorous isn’t just about leaving the salon looking and feeling amazing, you need to be able to recreate these looks at home. Our stylists give you hands on learning and when you leave our salon you feel confident in your ability to create the same masterpiece at your own vanity.


Not Your Average Salon

It is a very rare thing to find a salon that isn’t trying to up sell clients the most expensive hair spray, or luxury conditioner.  Consider us hair doctors, we’re going to do what is best for you and your hair and that’s the bottom line. When you have an ear infection you don’t go to the doctor and tell them what to prescribe you. You listen to their professional opinion and do what they think is best. We know hair extensions are an investment and we want you to be completely satisfied. You might want the 22’ extensions because your hair is above your shoulders and all you want long, mermaid hair. We’re going to be honest with you if 22’ extensions won’t blend well for you and we may recommend a slightly shorter extension, 18’ or 14’. We’re not going to sell you things, give you certain cuts, and colors if we honestly don’t think they will look right. So trust me, you’re in good hands.

Lastly, we’re professional here at Studio 39. Like Gemy always says, “you’re our client, not our guest. We’re your stylist. You pay us for our professional skills and opinions and that’s just what you’ll get.” We’re not typical. You will never see your stylist answer the phone in the middle or your service, or run off to sign for the UPS guy. We’re here for you and you deserve 100% of our attention.

When you leave our salon you’ll feel like you just received the most glamorous, honest, and professional service you could have asked for. Every single time you get your hair done with us you’re going to look forward to your next appointment, you’re excited to re-book  and you’re a believer in our products because you trust us, and that’s exactly the relationship we look to build with every single one of our clients.