Hair color and culture, a conversation.

Color Facts~ A Culture Conversation. Natural Hair Color I always tell staff there’s no reason to skirt the topic of cultural background when explaining color. Knowing biological limitations is how we accurately formulate, so I wanted to share this info with readers... More

Hair Banding

Hair Banding & Corrective Color Color Banding Causes of Color Banding May 1st, 2017 With box hair color we often see a situation we refer to as “banding”. Banding is most visible when box color is repeatedly used at home on darker hair and someone is trying to... More

Corrective Hair Color After Box Dye

Home Hair Color Home hair color is something we ask about because if you want to change it later, it will be a big process. Though there appears to be a myriad of color choices, it is a marketing move to make you feel good about the box YOU choose. A colorist... More

Balayage 101

Dear Reader This post is linked on our Blonde page but it was originally written when the ombre trend was new in 2010. Ombre & balayage later peaked around 2015. We spent a lot of time explaining: balayage is a technique ombre is a look- 2 different things.... More

Balayage Highlight Tips

Balayage Highlight Tips Original post written by Gemy in June 2010 Lately there has been a lot of buzz with balayage ( sometimes spelled baliage) highlights. We receive calls almost every day with inquiries about this technique, especially this time of year. So what... More