Three Tips for Caring for Hair Extensions

Three Tips for Caring for Hair Extensions

Hi everyone. It’s Gemy with Studio 39 and I want to give three tips on how to care for your hair extensions. We always get tons of questions after clients have their installs about maintenance at home even after we think we cover every single aspect of styling... More

Get Real Hair Extensions

Years ago when I first became certified for hair extensions, the world of salon hair extensions was very different. At that time there were only a few salons in Kansas City offering them. Now it seems every salon offers some sort of hair extension. It has been quite... More

Hair Extension Info

Hair Extension Consultations Hair extensions are huge right now. In fact bigger than ever! It seems all the hottest hair trends right now require one thing – LENGTH, and lots of it. In order to achieve true ombre hair color, you need long hair. Sexy long waves?... More

Micro Link Hair Extensions

 If you Google micro link hair extensions you’ll see lots of terms. Hair extension research can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of gimmicky, confusing, and incorrect information online and on social media. This post was originally written in 2010! 😱 We... More