Hair Extension Consultations

Hair extensions are huge right now. In fact bigger than ever! It seems all the hottest hair trends right now require one thing – LENGTH, and lots of it. In order to achieve true ombre hair color, you need long hair. Sexy long waves? You need length. Often, even if you have long hair, most of the time it isn’t thick enough to style the way you want it. Studio 39 clearly specializes in premier hair salon services, all extension types being one of our focus services. Let me explain how we do things because few people realize a consultation is necessary.

Same Day Hair Extensions

Because of offering all types of hair extensions, we get a lot of extreme requests. The biggest is ” Can I get extensions today?” We do carry some of our more popular brunette or blonde colors, but not much. Even if we do have your color, hair extension stylists don’t book like that plus it’s a long appointment and we have to match your color perfectly before we apply any extensions, and we never use any hair except from our manufacturer. So we order your hair just for you.

If you need them in a pinch, we can usually express them- but we still have to do a consultation.  We aren’t just going to go get hair at the local beauty supply store and attach it in your hair and if that’s what you have, then working over existing extensions is more work and pricey. This falls into extension correction work. If we fix some other salon’s mishap- we charge around $125 an hour. When doing this service, trust me, we have seen it firsthand- don’t look for a bargain, look for skill, experience and knowledge.

Our hair extension volume saves you money.

Keep expectations in scope. Hair has to be at least chin length. If your hair is 2 inches long all over we cant blend that or guarantee attachment.  A minimum of 8 inches of natural hair is needed. We do every type of extensions, but only certain stylists do certain types.

People often ask what we brand we use. We use Babe and we also use a wholesaler because of how much volume we do. That allows us to by pass “brands” like great lengths which means YOU benefit in the savings of luxury, silky hair. Even in salons larger than us, there is often only a stylist or 2 that does extensions. It requires a lot of knowledge and a high level of professionalism that is difficult to maintain in a large salon. Plus the liability as a salon owner is sooo not worth letting stylists do this service, without the proper training and certification. That’s why you only see this service in privately owned salons, or boutique salons. Checkout our hair extension page to learn more on types of hair extensions.