The Universe is the Supreme Architect ~

 Mother Nature is the Master Artist~


Intelligent Design 🌌

 In other posts I’ve discussed our culture and how melanin affects hair color. This explains what melanin is and why it connects us to each other and our planet.

Like all living things, we reflect our environment. We can see and feel nature’s creative beauty when we are in it, but it’s also good for us. Fresh air cleanses our lungs and the Earth’s energy has shown scientific data proven to have health benefits

Modern society often makes us believe we must choose between different narratives, which isn’t a “modern” way of thinking at all. A perfect example is two scientific theories. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is well known, but the theory of Intelligent Design is not. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because it is a relatively “new” theory introduced in the 90’s, Officially anyways.

But Intelligent design in some shape or form has been around since the infancy of science began in Ancient Greek & Egyptian times. Many ancient civilizations had advanced fields of study & technology that baffle historians to this day. Almost every scientific theory we know (except Darwinism) has long supported Intelligent Design long before the theory of evolution became an articulated concept. 

2 Adjacent Theories 

Despite that it is taught, argued, and dismissed as a “counterpart” to evolution, when Darwin himself did not deny creation, or that evolution & creation may be adjacent to each other- not opposite theories. Basically, Intelligent Design  is the scientific theory referring to a Divine Creator, or God. 

Or as builders and masons say, a Supreme Architect.

Intelligent Design

Think about this. Earth has a magnetic frequency that functions like a heartbeat or a pulse to the universe. This pulse places us in an exact position to sustain life. Patterns like this are repeatedly shown to us in nature as well, the basis of Intelligent Design. Like Darwin himself, scientists have known for decades the Theory of Evolution had many missing parts. Still, Darwinism grew to become religion like.  

When Intelligent Design went from hypothesis to theory, the scientific community was in an uproar. There is no older debate than God. Until Intelligent Design was introduced, science was winning.

Despite questionable ethics associated to it’s core philosophy, evolution became science bedrock for a century and would shape education and usher in unfavorable views on faith; both seen in today’s society. To this day it’s still widely criticized. Even Wikipedia discredits it as “Christian” in origin. 


Polarized Science

Why? Because Intelligent Design blows apart the very foundation of “traditional” science, as it should. In the name of science, we’ve been fed this notion we have to choose between two logical things. One can only imagine how much more evolved science and our human species might be if ID had equal research. Sticking to one script has only polarized us. Less faith is not working, without faith there is no hope. 

Thinking we must pick “God or science” is limiting, and limited thinking is very unevolved. It can be both. It must be both if we want to truly adapt and evolve. We do not have to share the same thought or belief of a Creator, but the more we ignore “creation” entirely, the more destructive we’ve become.

Since Darwinism and industrialization, we’ve “evolved” as if Mother Earth must adapt to us. Earth does not need us to survive, but we do need her, hence “Mother” Earth. That’s how it was designed.  

Pretty obvious, right?  

Despite technology, we’ve evolved without the intelligence to connect the obvious. To this day, science or Darwinism are rarely questioned, but there’s plenty of God shaming. Don’t let anyone let you think intelligence is only for the formally educated. We’ve reached a critical point in evolution. Now is not the time for limited thinking, now is the time to view things through a different lens. 


If someone is selling you on something, never buy the lie you must choose one narrative. If narrowed thought is the currency, it’s a one sided transaction about control.

No Deal

Says Me 💎

DNA and hair color

 DNA Markers & Physics

The term mark means to make a mark, like me picking up a pen and making a mark on paper. It is an indication of action done with intent. Like all mammals, inside of DNA there are markers connecting us to Earth. Quantum physics is another area the Old Guards of science have tried to ignore. Albert Einstein helped changed that. Research into our own universal energy carried in our consciousness is growing. 

Conscience isn’t just something we think makes us choose right from wrong, though it is where free thought lives, it’s the energy inside us that makes us individuals. It’s our internal design. When we learn more about who we are, or who we want to be, we’re finding purpose through connecting to consciousness. 

By design, we are products of Intelligent Design, which explains why nature recharges us. When we take the time to look, Intelligent Design is everywhere in nature. Plants and insects’ partner to sustain life. Pollen feeds and protects insects like ladybugs and bees who reflect the red and yellow flowers that attract them. After they get a snack, they carry bits of pollen on their bodies to other flowers. This is how flowers reproduce. Though we don’t reproduce like plants, we produce a protein in our cell called melanin. Melanin gives us protection too. 


natures beauty

Everything has purpose.

I’m a conservation advocate because I share the common belief in natural science that all life serves a purpose, to each other and Earth. Plus, many ancient religious texts state this as well, but there are thousands of examples of species being dependent on each other to survive. For example, when a certain kind of fish becomes close to extinction, a bird species that relied on that fish as a main food source also becomes endangered. 

 Birds and animals have melanin too. Theirs reflect the vibrancy of nature more than ours, often helping it’s “purpose”. Whether it’s to camouflage a small defenseless species, or help attract a mate, the DNA that shapes appearance helps survival. Melanin serves a purpose to the species, so the species continue its purpose on the planet. Another example of how life is connected. 

Intelligent Design

..”.from a scientific point of view, seems to be quite real. This is a very special universe: it’s remarkable that it came out just this way. If the laws of physics weren’t exactly as they are, we would not exist. The sun couldn’t be there, the laws of gravity, magnetic theory, and quantum mechanics, and many more laws of science must be exactly as they are for us to exist.”

Charles Townes

Nobel Laureate & Professor of Physics

 Melanin Evolves

  Two key parts of skin are collagen and melanin. We think of collagen as something we need to stay young, but it’s purpose is give support to our skins mechanical function. Melanin provides protection against UV rays and the environment and it has two key factors, quantity and tone. Depending on our cultural descent, melanin tones range from darker to lighter and gives color to physical features like skin, hair, and eyes.

We all started with darker melanin. Thousands of years ago humans moved to other parts of Earth. Like animals, our ancestors DNA evolved. Melanin production changed to meet their environmental needs for survival. In places like Scandinavia that are further from the sun, people produced lower amounts of melanin. Less melanin makes humans reflect light rays in lighter tones. Blue eyes are not blue colored, they reflect light wavelengths like blue found in the sky or water. Regions further from the sun have large amounts of water in all forms, like ice and snow, and people reflected it, literally. 

earth’s expression

Then there are entire continents like Africa or Australia that have a hot and dry climate, or equatorial areas that are sun drenched. More protective benefits would be needed for humans i these regions. DNA responded by producing more melanin with darker hues that mirror Earth’s tones found in clay and minerals. Depending on our global heritage, we evolved with exactly what we needed as Earth’s life expression encoded in our DNA, all linking us to our planet- Earth.

That’s pretty amazing!


We are all connected.

Grapes Or Raisins

I always use this analogy with hair color because it perfectly describes melanin and hair pigment. Think of hair cells like an empty cereal bowl, then imagine our melanin proteins inside the bowl as raisins or grapes.  A bowl of raisins will be more densely packed, so less light passes through. Since grapes are larger and lighter in color, light passes through. 


A simple way of summing up hair color.

 Light hair allows light through and dark hair doesn’t. Lightening hair means removing denser molecules to let light through, but traces of melanin will still be present. No melanin means no hair. Since that’s not an option, we tone with cool shades to correct the warmth left behind of darker melanin.

Cool tones also reflect darker, so it can feel like 2 steps forward, one step back when going lighter if you’re a brunette. We’re all warm blooded, so blondes have warmth too, but blondes reflect yellow. Yellow is lighter making it easier to correct, versus the orange and red tones that live within a brunettes’ melanin. Which is why making dark hair blonde is difficult. 

But not impossible. 😉

The Golden Rule

  We’ve all stopped to pick up an unusual looking rock on a walk. There are things in nature we’ve come to expect, if something is different, we become curious. Animals and humans have patterns in characteristics just like nature. We expect brown eyes with darker skin tones and light eyes in lighter ones. In our minds these features “go together” because they do, that’s how melanin works.

“Treat others as you would want to be treated” is called The Golden Rule of life that comes from a scientific term. Nature’s patterns are called The Golden Rule, created from a mathematical discovery called Fibanaccie’s sequence. It’s such a huge part of our environment, we don’t even realize it’s everywhere. 

The Golden Rule is a perfect example of Mother Nature showing there is (very) intelligent intention behind creation. Whether you consider yourself a person of faith or science, both groups know it’s so miraculous, it’s most likely not “coincidence”. However, when Mother Nature surprises us in the expression of life, we like it. 

Fibanacci Sequence in nature.

Fibanacci Sequence in the universe.

Do you see it?

We like the unexpected.

No one can deny the beauty of a white tiger, rare flowers or gemstones,  we like rare things. Like color contrast in art, we naturally admire the contrast of dark-skin and blue eyes combined, or blonde hair with brown eyes. It shows we know human features are different, but something we all share. When it is uniquely combined, our instinct is to appreciate it.

I love this about us.

Human Nature

We like babies. Even if you don’t think you’re a “kid” person, you probably like baby animals. When a baby smiles at us, we can’t help but smile back. If given a flower, we close our eyes to smell it’s fragrance. It’s just human nature. Our DNA is encoded with instincts that drive a desire to stay connected to nature and each other. Whether we’re like raisins or grapes, our molecular DNA composition is the same.

As we “evolve” we may forget that, but our human nature won’t.  

babies and flowers

An Iconic Photo

My grandparents had a National Geographic subscription when I was a kid. I loved looking through the beautiful pages. Seeing other kids in different parts of the world made me realize there were kids in far away places just like me. One issue will always stand out. When I was 8 years old there was a girl on the cover who was my age. Photojournalist Steve McCurry took a picture that would become iconic that would later be called The Afghan Girl. Her haunting gaze captivated me just like the rest of the world. You can read the story here. Her light green eyes, dark hair and olive skin were beautiful, but it was her look of defiance in a life of hardship that shined a spotlight on the Middle East refugee crises because she spoke to our human spirit. 

Afghan Girl

Last year was tough for many people. It made us reassess what we want in life. Spending time with friends & family helped me stay grounded. Spending time outdoors helped me stay focused and healthy.

Outlook is everything.

We’ve deceived ourselves by thinking technology makes us more connected. Modern mankind spends less time with each other, preventing us from knowing (or even caring) what “living in harmony” means. Hopefully we begin connecting the why behind our disconnect. Until we do, living in harmony at all will evade us. Intelligent Design and quantum physics are things we want to encourage and expand, not limit. 

It’s all connected.

hair model for blonde color expert

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