We all know healthy food and beauty go hand in hand but here’s some ways to look for better meat options.

 Meat Has Changed

Before Big Government and Big Corporation took over the meat industry, this part of the country was filled with Cattleman. Ranchers. Men who bred, raised steer for the table. My gramps was one of those men, so trust me, I cannot live without a delish rib-eye every now and again. But those were the days before antibiotic & growth hormone filled cattle.

I tried vegetarian life successfully for 2 years. Healthy food without meat did impacted my skin and overall “beauty”. Until my 28th birthday when my bestie ordered a filet , I looked down at my underwhelming pasta dish and literally salivated. I’ve been off the wagon since but I limit myself to only ethically sourced no more than a few times a week.  I’m not preaching vegetarianism, although I think its noble and healthy and makes sense, just suggesting balance. I think you can respect animal life, be healthier, and make a smaller eco impact and still have your steak( occasionally) and eat it too.

Healthy Food For Thought

Here’s a little food for thought. The world is running out of clean drinking water, yes even us Americans. A cow drinks 40 gallons a day. On average, Americans consume 3 cows in their lifetime. Not to mention the water it takes to grow  the millions of pounds of grain it takes to feed cattle. The pesticides for the grain ( most commercial corn crops feed cattle not humans).  The fuel for the trucks to ship the grain, and so on & so on.

Imagine what a positive environmental impact on not just our earth, but our region,  if people simply only ate red meat two or three times a week.  I’m a country girl, and it feels wrong , disloyal..? to think like this, but in less than 2 generations the “family farm”  has been replaced with corporate meat companies and their processing plants. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a drive out to Dodge City.

Less Meat Is Beautiful for You & Earth

The town of my old Wyatt Earp ancestors has become less of the Wild West and more of an undignified ending for cattle by the thousands.  Meat processing plants one after another along the highway and  a very, very foul odor for miles.  My ex is from the east coast, and once he had a meeting with a client there. He had never been to southwestern Kansas before but he was so grossed out.  ” People in this country have no idea where their food comes from.”  He wasn’t really the type to give up meat so that trip inspired his new hobby of hunting .

Now I know what your thinking.. How am I “green” and (gasp!) condone hunting. I love my midwestern rural culture, but there is nothing rural about big corporate processing plants feeding our big fat nation from our back yard. Personally I may go meatless again at some point, it’s a personal choice but you don’t have to belong to PETA  to respect animal life. In fact conservation and a healthy environment go hand in hand and I think there’s some dignity in getting your meat by hunting. Native Americans thanked the animals for their life and to me that’s more spiritual and natural. Hunting isnt my thing anymore so I only buy organic now, and even then I buy from local places I know treat animals well, all things considered.

Choosing Ethical Meat

So want red meat but not a hunter? Buy responsible meat. Its really easier than you think. Most local butchers in good stores like Hy-Vee or Hen House know about the meat, just ask. I usually skip the overpriced organic chain supermarkets, for smaller local butchers. They are becoming few but with great websites  like www.eatwild.com and www.kcfoodcircle.org  its easier to find  the bounty of local farms.  While your at it, give your state’s (often underfunded and overlooked) conservation department a nod as well.  And remember, even you carnivores, it really is healthiest to only eat a few times a week. Do your heart and your butt a favor and save the burger for your hangover, and the yummy steak for a night out.

So what does all this have to do with beauty? Well I admit, sometimes this blog isn’t always DIRECTLY about the salon or the beauty biz, I’ve tried but I can’t help myself  Healthy food and beauty are related but we’re all consumers gobbling  up natural resources, food, and products.  If you chow on lil less food that comes with a face, over time you’ll force the entire system to become healthier and cleaner. The multi- billion dollar beauty industry literally uses tons of animal by- products they acquire from those icky plants mentioned above.

The “downer” cows too sick to eat are processed anyways for well known beauty & cosmetic companies. An informative read, “the Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry”  helped me make some  changes. It might make you want to purge your beauty bag, but like I always say.. small changes. At least useing cleaner versions of the ,most toxic items it will make a BIG difference.

By making a few small changes in your diet, you’ll not only be healthier but you’ll  be part of the solution, and not the problem