Spring is around the corner and Mother’s Day is not that far off. As the owner of a hair and make-up salon, I am in the perfect position to pamper and help my clients feel special and feel better about the way they look. That is something I never get tired of. As a woman, a Mother and a business owner, I know what it is like every day to take care of people. I take care of my kids, family, and my business. The people who work at Studio 39 Salon rely on me to run my business well. They trust that I will make good business decisions so we are successful. I consider them my second family. They want to know that Studio 39 Salon will be here next month and the month after that. So do our clients!

I have a lot of goals for myself and that is certainly one of them. As a Mom, I work hard to raise my children with a set of values that I received from my parents. I am the mother I am today because of my Mother. She is an amazing Grandmother as well, as I hope to be someday.

Mother’s Day Contest

In celebration of Mother’s everywhere, I have decided to reward someone’s mom with a free make-over at our Salon. A new haircut, hair color, and make up application. Go to our Facebook page and like the page. Watch the “For all you Moms” video and comment on Facebook by leaving your mother’s name and why she is special to you. Have your friends and family go “like” your post with your Mother’s name. The response with the most “likes” will be the winner. They will be chosen to give their own Mother a Mother’s Day Make-over. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel and leave your comment there as well.
If you mother is on Facebook, type her name (as it appears in her profile) in the comments she will see what you posted. Chances are you will probably make her day.
Mother’s day is a time to share your heart with your mom. We hope to make that a little extra special and reward a deserving mom with a make-over from Studio 39 Salon. Good luck and if you are a mom, share the post with one of your kids. Who knows? They may surprise you and make a comment on your behalf.