Shampoo the right way!You may think a post on how to shampoo the right way isn’t necessary but hair washing can be confusing. Most of us were taught to wash hair every day growing up. Now pro’s recommend shampooing only a few times a week. With terms like sulfates and co-wash tossed around, this once simple task has become confusing. Here are some shampoo facts followed & tips to make your hair washing fuss free. Watch the segment of Gemy on KCTV5 Better Kansas City that was inspired by this blog.


Dry Shampoo

Lets go over some key things to know because we all love a good dry shampoo. Please remember that this is simply to help absorb extra oil at the scalp on days you don’t shampoo. Added lift, texture and make hair smell clean, but dry shampoo should not replace shampooing. Yes, the term “dry shampoo” can be misleading because it’s really more of a styling product than a cleanser so think of it as a hair refreshment, not a shampoo.

Correct Products

Before we get to the “process” remember the most important thing is to use the correct shampoo AND conditioner for your hair. Most salons offer consultations which is a great way to get a professional hair analysis of your hair. Often people say “oh I use  a good shampoo” but is it the right shamppo for you? Picking a shampoo because of fragrance or because a friend recommended it is not a good idea.

I want my hair to smell like strawberries and unicorns 🍓 🦄 but I want improved hair health more because it determines how my hair looks. When you find the right product, be wary of where you purchase. There are a lot of “professional” products in drugstores and non salons. Professional lines do not sell to mass retailers. Fact, so if you buy a professional product, buy from a brand partnered salon. Otherwise it’s more than likely EXTREMELY expired (which is very bad for your hair and skin) or counterfeit.

Shampoo’s Job

PLEASE remember a shampoo’s purpose is to cleanse the hair. When you wash your face you clearing away dirt and oil to better receive the benefits of the serums and moisturizers to follow. Shampooing your hair is exactly the same. Putting far too many expectations on shampoo is a thing now. No point in buying expensive face wash and cheap shampoo because the principle is the same.


Sulfate are not little hair demons out to destroy your hair like marketing as made them out to be. A sulfate is a surfactant that creates a lather to break down dirt and oil, which is necessary to cleanse most hair. All sulfates are not created equally. Just because you’re using a “sulfate free” shampoo does not mean that you’re necessarily using a gentle high quality shampoo, or again- a shampoo for your hair. There are quite a few shampoos that are “sulfate free” that have a lower performance than salon shampoos with high quality and gentle sulfates. Plus, if you have oily hair, good luck getting hair clean with an over the counter sulfate free cleanser. Keep things in perspective, and with that said let’s get to the shampoo process!

1) Rinse First

 Rinse before you shampoo. Rinsing your hair with warm water before you apply shampoo opens up the hair cuticles which releases dirt, oil, and product buildup. Plus, shampoos are water-based so it will help emulsify the product through the hair for better distribution.
Focus on the scalp. Give your scalp a good massage. This increases blood flow and helps exfoliate dead skin cells. The mid-shaft and ends of your hair should be gently massaged in downward motion. This helps untangle hair.

2)Shampoo Once, Maybe Repeat

Though most bottles say “rinse and repeat” -don’t. Unless your hair is VERY  dirty, once is enough. Over washing your hair can make scalp produce more oil and can also dry out the ends which is always the most fragile part of hair.

3) Noodle Your Conditioner

The most important part of shampooing your hair is actually the conditioning. This is how your hair receives moisture and protein that help undo damage from heat tools so take your time! Most people spend  too much time shampooing and not enough time conditioning. Drag fingers through your hair until you feel all hair is untangled. “Noodling” is gently raking your fingers(or wide tooth comb)  through hair with the conditioner until there is no resistance and hair appears like noodles.

This is a Salon trick. Look for this “noodle” like look to hair to know it’s fully moisturized and the conditioner has been evenly distributed. Unless you have a shower mirror, just spend extra time massaging in conditioner until your hair feels completely smooth. This is especially important if your hair is curly as it helps the cuticle is lay flat. Also a good time to wad up the extra hair shed that comes out in your hand. Hair sheds around 100- 150 hairs a day so don’t freak out. Washing less means seeing more in your hairball when you shampoo.

4) Cool Rinse

Hot showers feel good but finish but finish your shampoo with a cool rinse. Cool rinse doesn’t mean ice cold. Turning the temperature down a little and lean your head into the water will help close the cuticle to seal in conditioner.

5) Squeeze Dry

Now don’t mess up your awesome shampoo by rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel. Put your fingers around your hair while still in the shower and squeeze out excess water. Use a high absorbency towel to squeeze the hair once out of the shower.
Remember shampooing hair is an important part of hair care. Finding what’s right for your hair is important!