Kansas City Fashion Week is quickly approaching and all of us at Studio 39 are excited for this annual celebration of the local fashion world. The third consecutive KC Fashion week is held February 27 through March 3.

KC Fashion week will showcase the work of talented local and national designers, and I am so ready to see what they have in store. After checking out the website, I got curious. How did Kansas City Fashion Week start? How does Kansas City Fashion Week compare to the more famous Fashion Weeks in New York City, Milan, London, and Paris?

History of Fashion in Kansas City

The Garment District in Kansas City has a rich history.Today you can still see historic buildings that were the homes of a major fashion hub at the time. After World War I and through the 1940s, the garment industry in KC saw a boom. Using the assembly line, workers produced quality clothing pieces faster and cheaper than in other areas. Over 4,000 people were employed in the Garment District. I found some great information about the history of the fashion industry in KC at the Kansas City Garment District Museum site.

The factories stopped operation as fashions changed over the years. Now there is a revival in the Kansas City fashion world. Designers and boutiques are making themselves known all over the city. I’m excited to see more fashionable movements in KC.

Fashion Weeks Around the World

When someone mentions Fashion Week, I picture glamorous parties, bold new fashions, and celebrities. Fashion week is a huge fashion industry event that lets designers and fashion houses display their new lines. It also is the time that industry pros get a sneak peek of what will be “in” in the coming season. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York is actually coming very soon. I’m stoked to check out the pictures from designers and see what is in store.

We will post more about the Kansas City Fashion week soon. Follow our blog for more updates on fashion in Kansas City and Check out the Studio 39 Facebook Page!