The local Kansas City fashion scene is on the move even as I write. Many of the most fashionable events in the city are like hidden treasures- you have to search a bit to discover the gems. Well, we have found an exciting fashion event that shows off the innovative minds of the city!

The local chapter of AIGA hosts  a series of events featuring Kansas City experts in different fields. AIGA Kansas City hosted the “Homegrown: Fashion” event in River Market on Thursday, February 7. This panel focused on the creative and design process of Kansas Citians in the fashion industry.

This event got us thinking. There are fashion movements going on right in our own community, and it just takes a little investigation to find the world of fashion in the city of fountains. So, our next few posts will focus on the highlights of Kansas City: the fashionable designers, places to dine, learn, and socialize.

Fashion Week

Kansas City Fashion Week is the next upcoming fashion extravaganza. Not only will there be wonderful runway shows, but there will be panels, luncheons, and meetings discussing the ever-changing fashion industry. Did we mention there will be some awesome parties during the week, too?

Fashion Blogs

I love fashion blogs. The pictures, the bold outfits, and the descriptions inspire me. If you’re looking for some KC fashion bloggers, KC Magazine features some local fashion blogs. There is a boutique guide as well.

What are your favorite fashion gems in the city? Do you have a favorite boutique or local designer? Keep watching for more updates on our Pinterest boards and on Twitter!