The Universe is the Supreme Architect.

 Mother Nature is the Master artist.


💫Natural Science

 In other posts I’ve discussed our culture and how melanin affects hair color. This explains what it is and why it’s the tie that binds us.

Like all living things, we reflect our environment. We can see and feel nature’s creative beauty when we are in it. It’s good for us, literally. Fresh air cleanses our lungs and the Earth’s energy has shown scientific data proven to have health benefits. Modern man has been deceived to believe we must choose between Darwin’s Theory of Evolution or the scientific term for God- Intelligent Design.

Intelligent Design

 Earth’s pulse to the universe places us in an exact position to sustain life and it’s life patterns repeatedly show us intelligent design. Scientists are starting to acknowledge that creation and evolution are likely interwoven. Inside of our cells and DNA, there are markers connecting us to Earth’s pulse and the universe. Quantum physics explores another connection we’re born with that allows us to tap into that pulse of energy called our consciousness. 

By design, we are products of intelligent design which explains why nature recharges us. When we take the time to look, it’s everywhere. Nature partnered plants and insects’ together for life. Pollen feeds and protects insects like ladybugs and bees who reflect the red and yellow flowers that attract them in their appearance. After they get a snack, they carry bits of pollen on their bodies to other flowers so they can reproduce.

Though we don’t reproduce like plants, we produce a protein in our cell called melanin. Melanin gives us protection too.


natures beauty

Everything has purpose.

I’m an advocate of conservation because I agree with the common belief in natural science that all life serves a purpose on Earth. There are thousands of examples of species being dependent on each other to survive. For example, when a certain kind of fish becomes close to extinction, a bird species that relied on that fish as a main food source also becomes endangered. 

 Birds and animals have melanin too. Theirs reflect the vibrancy of nature more than ours, often helping it’s “purpose”. Whether it’s to camouflage a small defenseless species, or help attract a mate, the DNA that shapes appearance helps survival. Melanin serves a purpose to the species, so the species continue its purpose on the planet. Another example of how life is connected. 

Intelligent Design

…from a scientific point of view, seems to be quite real. This is a very special universe: it’s remarkable that it came out just this way. If the laws of physics weren’t exactly as they are, we would not exist. The sun couldn’t be there, the laws of gravity, magnetic theory, and quantum mechanics, and many more laws of science must be exactly as they are for us to exist.

Charles Townes

Nobel Laureate & Professor of Physics

Melanin is a natural SPF

  We think of collagen as something we need to stay young, but it’s purpose is give support to our skins mechanical function. Melanin provides protection against UV rays and the environment and it has two key factors, quantity and tone. Depending on our cultural descent, tones range from darker to lighter and give color to physical features like skin, hair, and eyes.

Like animals, our ancestors also adapted and evolved to their environment. DNA that controls melanin production evolved to meet their environmental needs. In parts of the world like Scandinavia that are further from the sun, people evolved with lower amounts in lighter tones reflecting the lightness of the snow and water surrounding the region. 

earth’s expression

Then there are entire continents like Africa or Australia that have a hot and dry climate, and equatorial areas that are sun drenched. More protective benefits would be needed. DNA responded by producing more melanin in the cells, mirroring the darker shades of Earth tones found in clay and minerals. Depending on our ancestral heritage, we evolved with exactly what we needed as Earth’s life “expression”. 

That ancestral tie we carry is encoded in our DNA that links us to each other and Mother Earth. That’s pretty amazing!


We are all connected.

Grapes Or Raisins

I always use this analogy with hair color because it perfectly describes melanin and hair pigment. Think of our cells like an empty cereal bowl, then imagine our melanin proteins inside the bowl as raisins or grapes.  A bowl of raisins will be more densely packed, making it harder for light to pass through. Since grapes are larger, they will be more spread out so light passes through easily. 


If light can pass through, an object reflects the light, thus appearing lighter. Denser objects block light particles, so the object appears darker. And that sums up hair color. Light hair allows light through and dark hair doesn’t. Lightening hair means removing the denser molecules so light can pass through, but melanin will still be there so it will be warmer. No melanin means no hair. Since that’s not an option, we tone with cool shades to correct warmth. Cool tones reflect darker so it can feel like 2 steps forward, one step back when going lighter as a brunette. We’re all warm blooded so blondes have warmth too. Blondes reflect yellow which is lighter and easier to correct versus the oranges and reds that lives in a brunettes’ melanin. Which is why making dark hair blonde is difficult. 

The Golden Rule

  We’ve all stopped to pick up an unusual looking rock on a walk. There are things in nature we’ve come to expect, if something is different, we become curious. Animals and humans have patterns in characteristics just like nature. We expect brown eyes with darker skin tones and light eyes in lighter ones. In our minds these features “go together”. There’s a scientific term for nature patterns called The Golden Rule, created from a mathematical discovery called Fibanaccie’s sequence. It’s so ingrained in our environment, we don’t even realize it’s everywhere. 

The Golden Rule is a perfect example of Mother Nature showing there is (very) intelligent intention behind creation. Whether you’re a person of faith or science, both groups know The Golden Rule is so miraculous, it’s most likely not “coincidence”. When Mother Nature throws us for a loop in the expression of life, we like it. When something is unusual, or if features don’t’ “go together” we notice. 

Fibanacci Sequence in nature.

We like it when Mother Nature breaks the rules.

No one can deny the beauty of a white tiger, or rare flowers and gemstones because we like “uncommon” things. Like art that has color contrast, dark-skin and blue eyes or blonde hair with brown eyes or skin is unique, so we admire the contrast of features. I love this about us. It shows the things that make us similar can and will be different. But when it is, our instict is to appreciate it because Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes. 

Human Nature

We like babies. Even if you don’t think you’re a “kid” person you probably like baby animals. When a baby smiles at us, we can’t help but smile back. If we’re given a flower, we close our eyes to smell it’s fragrance. It’s just human nature. Our DNA is encoded with instincts that drive a desire to stay connected to nature and each other. Whether our melanin is like a bowl of raisins or grapes, our molecular composition is the same. As we “evolve” we may forget that, but our human nature won’t 

babies and flowers

An Iconic Photo

My grandparents had a National Geographic subscription when I was a kid. I loved looking through the beautiful pages. Seeing other kids in different parts of the world made me realize there were kids in far away places just like me. One issue will always stand out. When I was 8 years old there was a girl on the cover who was my age. Photojournalist Steve McCurry took a picture that would become iconic that would later be called The Afghan Girl. Her haunting gaze captivated me just like the rest of the world. You can read the story here. Her light green eyes, dark hair and olive skin were beautiful, but it was her look of defiance in a life of hardship that shined a spotlight on the Middle East refugee crises. 

babies and flowers

Last year was tough for many people. It made us reassess what we want in life.

My family and staff had good health. My businesses remained secure, we were fortunate when many were not. For that I’m grateful. 

Spending time with friends & family helped me stay grounded. Spending time outdoors helped me stay focused and healthy.

Outlook is everything.

I think we’ve deceived ourselves thinking technology has made us more connected. Modern mankind spends less time with each other, less time in nature which can prevent us from knowing (or even caring) what “living in harmony” means.

Hopefully we connect the “why” behind our disconnect because living in harmony will evade us until we do so with ourselves and each other, it’s all connected.

 Join me this spring in turning off devices to get re-connected. Start with self for peace and clarity. Artists are everywhere but none compete with Mother Nature’s shades of life.

Ready to get started?