Slimming Hairstyles

Slimming hairstyles can make you look thinner! Start with the haircut because a cut is the foundation of your style. Full faces need balance and proportion so try to avoid to extreme lengths because a very short haircut can make round faces appear larger.For broad shoulders, carefully choosing a longer hair style is important!

Tips to Look Thinner

Long Hair 

Long hair with horizontal lines at the widest part of your back can make you look wider from behind. Wispy ends on long layers can create slimming hairstyles on long hair. Opt for shoulder length hair with long layers for movement. Here are tried and true tips for slimming hairstyles!

Bob Styles

Bob haircuts never go out of style, but for people with round faces or a square jaw, avoid blunt heavy lines at the bottom. Choose a length that does not rest at the mid face are if you have chubby cheeks. This is usually the widest part of your face. Middle parts with volume layers at a shoulder length always flatter. Side swept bangs with face tapered layers create the illusion of length.

Buns and Ponytails

If you wear your hair in a bun, choose a looser style with worn high. Pull some pieces around the face to make it look less severe. Height in a style is best when your goal is to create slimming hairstyles. Same goes for ponytails, since pulled tight accentuates a round face.

Look thinner with these tips!

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Slim Styles For Guys

Long hair is back for men, but if you wear short barber cuts, a balanced cut is tapered at the temples. Wearing a clipper style closely in this area can make you look thinner because it’s the widest part of the head. 

Curls are VERY in! Curls add height and texture with more structure which naturally thin the face, plus it can make any man seem more hip and youthful. Don’t Forget Product! We love the Loreal Professional Architexture to create definition. 

Hairstyle Tips

Stress and weight gain go hand-in-hand, so life change like pregnancy or a divorce, is not a time to do drastic hair changes. Women can be emotional about hair, so making an emotional choice about your hairstyle is never advised. Blunt heavy bobs are in but lower face lengths should  keep ends textured to prevent that area from looking heavier. 

All over color that lacks dimension will accentuate fullness of the face, so dimension is always good for hair color.  Lowlights create depth and highlights will add interest and the look of  movement for different ways to get slimming hairstyles if you don’t’ want to cut. 


Be You

The most important thing is confidence and wearing what makes you feel comfortable . Our style is a personal reflection of our personality, so stay true to who you are. That always matters most to show your individuality!