Nothing is more attractive than a man with a good haircut wearing great smelling cologne. Call us old fashioned but we like a man who pays attention to the way he looks.

Finding the hair cut and fashion that works for you can be a difficult task. As a man you have a few resources. If you are single and dating, of course you want your special lady to approve of the clothes you buy and what you wear on special occasions. If you’re married, your wife has a lot of influence as she probably goes with you to shop and may even buy a lot of your clothes for you. There are fashion magazines and the movies. There are looks for work and for home. If you’re single and looking for love, that‘s another look entirely. Finding a style that feels ‘you’ takes attention and effort. None of which you have time for. Right guys?

Our suggestion, be yourself and experiment a little. Dramatically changing your style won’t feel right and even though you’re a man, if you don’t feel yourself you won’t function well in your professional environment or your personal one either. Start by adding something small, say new jeans. Instead of the 501’s you usually wear, try something trendier. If t-shirts are your comfort zone, try adding a shirt with a pop of color- and a collar. As we get into winter, try a good looking short boot with jeans. Now you’re styling!

Your hair says a lot about you as a person. It’s OK to look a little un-put together as long as it is intentional. The stylists at Studio 39 Salon can help you work toward a style or polish the one you have. The man-bun may not be anywhere close to your hair style, but a sleeker, trendy hair style with a styling product to help you get there, just might be. There are hair and skin products made especially for men. You are no less a man for using them! They protect your scalp and your precious hair from the ravages of time and the dirty ‘b word’ – baldness. If your family has a genetic tenancy toward male pattern baldness, making the investment in products designed for men to ensure unclogged hair follicles will be more important to you (although a bald head can be sexy too- André Agassi, we’re just pointing out the obvious.) The line Studio 39 carries by Eufora called  ‘Hero’ is made specifically for men and for this reason.

Tis’ the season to look your best. If you’re not sure who or where to turn to for some guidance, call the stylists at Studio 39 Salon. They can help you with a look that will rock at the office or on the town. Where ever you need to look and feel your best. Hey, you deserve that just as much as the women!